Briefs | Illegal gambling marketer caught at G2E

A 27-year-old man from the mainland was caught by the Judiciary Police at G2E Asia held at the Venetian Macao for promoting an online gambling website. The promotion used the official emblem of the Macau SAR and fraudulently claimed that it had been licensed by the local government. The police pressed charges against him for counterfeiting and illegal operation of gambling activities. In response, the man claimed that the company he represented was involved in online entertainment only, and had nothing to do with gambling. He said he had no knowledge about the “online gambling license” shown on the website.

Two men arrested for drug dealing

The Judiciary Police arrested two men for drug dealing on Wednesday. One was reported to be from Hong Kong, 20 years old, while the other was from Malaysia. Both were reportedly hired by a Hong Kong drug cartel. The suspect from Hong Kong told the police he was paid  HKD3,000 daily. The Malaysian suspect, on the other hand, was reportedly paid HKD40,000 per month to sell drugs in the territory. A total of 85.7 grams of cocaine, worth around MOP300,000, was confiscated by the police.

CCAC to improve accountability system

In response to demands in Macau for more rigorous anti-corruption activity, the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) says it will improve its accountability system for officials in the public service. The improvement comes after a suggestion made by a delegation from the United Nations concerning the implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption in Macau. Drawing on its experience in corruption-fighting and ombudsmanship in recent years as well as the shared experience of the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, the CCAC has commenced a review of the relevant criminal regime and the discipline regime of public servants. The conclusions of the review and subsequent recommendations will be revealed and rendered to the public shortly, noted the CCAC.

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