Briefs | Journalist association complains of poor translation

The Health Bureau has been providing unreliable Portuguese-language interpretation at press conferences held regarding the novel coronavirus and pneumonia outbreaks, the Macau Portuguese and English Press Association complained in a statement. In the statement, the association expressed their view that these press conferences should have been treated with extreme diligence as they are of major public concern. The public were updated on the latest conditions and reminded of the appropriate measures at the daily press conference. The association requests that the Health Bureau improve the quality of Chinese-Portuguese interpretation at press conferences. The service is crucial, the association stressed, to the work of Portuguese-speaking journalists. It is stipulated in the Basic Law that both Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of the city.

Lunar New Year Fair hours shortened

Business hours during the Lunar New Year Fair will be shortened as part of the citywide strategy to prevent pneumonia, the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) announced in a statement. The fair will close earlier than originally planned, ending at 8 p.m. today instead of 2 a.m. January 25 as intended. The fair takes place in two locations: Tap Seac Square and Iao Hon Garden Market. Meanwhile, the fireworks and firecracker bazaar will be open from noon today. Body temperature screening stations will be set up at the entrances to both bazaars.

Online SAR passport applications now available

Applications for the Macau Special Administrative Region Passport and travel permits to some international destinations can now be completed using the Identification Services Department’s mobile application. Applicants were previously required to complete the applications at the bureau’s counters. This e-service now allows residents above the age of five to apply for the documents anywhere. The app is available in Chinese, English and Portuguese, and on both iOS and Android. To submit an application, residents should download the app and get a profile photo taken at an authorized photography house. The barcode printed on the photography receipt will direct the bureau to collect the applicant’s e-photo. The processed documents need to be collected in person at the bureau’s counters.

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