Briefs | Lawmaker urges respect for cultural heritage relics

Lawmaker Ng Kuok Cheong has urged the local government to respect the religious and cultural background of heritage relics. In an interpellation written to the government yesterday, Ng asked about the projection of political symbols on the façade of the Ruins of St. Paul’s in celebration of the 70th anniversary of China’s establishment. Ng asked whether the government should cautiously review its arrangements on the façade of the religious facility, which did not acknowledge the facility’s cultural significance and has disappointed the public. The lawmaker also asked whether the government had consulted the Catholic church before preparing the projection performance. Ng remarked that Macau has many cultural heritage displays with religious backgrounds. He wants to know if the government will talk to stakeholders about the facilities before arranging any activities.

Government asked to explain stock exchange plans

The Follow-up Committee of Public Administration Affairs of the Legislative Assembly (AL) will request that government principal officials provide an explanation regarding the plan for Macau to establish a stock exchange. Committee chairman Mak Soi Kun said that committee members learned about Macau’s plans to set up a stock exchange via a news report. As the plans may have a significant impact on Macau’s economy in the long term, all committee members agreed that government officials needed to explain about the proposed investment for the stock exchange, and the expected benefits, among other topics. The government should also listen to the opinions of lawmakers.

Renovations for Red Market outdoor stalls

The remodeling project for the fruit and food stalls outside the Red Market started yesterday. The stalls have been temporarily relocated to two other vendor areas in the neighboring streets around the Red Market. The project mainly focuses on revising the distribution of hawker stalls, standardizing the size of the stalls, providing the stalls with awnings and telescopic awnings, saving walking space between stalls and so on. The project is divided into two phases. The total construction period is expected to be 129 days. After renovations are done, the number of stalls will remain the same as before. It is hoped that the renovations will improve the commercial characteristics and hygiene of the environment.

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