Briefs | Leong Sun Iok asks about government subsidy for LRT

Lawmaker Leong Sun Iok has queried the local government about the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) fares as well as government subsidies to support the fares. Leong urged the local government to announce the plans regarding the fares as only a few months are left until the LRT officially opens, which allegedly will still occur within this year.

In addition, Leong called on the government to speed up the completion of the construction of LRT Barra, Seac Pai Van and east line sections to alleviate Macau’s transport pressure. Leong questioned, “will the government introduce other payment methods? If there are discounted fares, can they be expanded to other payment methods?”

Lawmakers take LRT test ride with Rosário

Yesterday, Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo Arrais do Rosário took 22 lawmakers to try the Light Rapid Transit (LRT). The lawmakers visited the operation control center of the LRT depot, the Taipa Ferry Terminal, and were given an introduction of the LRT’s operation and dispatch.  During the visit, lawmakers raised questions related to the project, specifically connections with other transport infrastructure and arrangements during extreme weather. In response to the lawmakers, Rosário said he is confident that the LRT at the Taipa section will open in 2019. The government is still reviewing the transportation conditions for residents, including arranging connections between buses and the LRT.

Macau plans to open a school in Hengqin

The Macau SAR government has plans to open a public school in Hengqin, Kong Chi Meng, Deputy Director of the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) revealed on Sunday. According to Kong, the local government has been negotiating this matter with the Hengqin government for the past six months. Macau government claims that it wants to provide better education services to students in Hengqin. Projected to be a public school opened by the Macau government, the school will have specific classes for Macau residents. Kong claims that the Macau classes should adopt Macau’s teaching curriculum. No other details have been revealed yet. “It takes several years to establish a school, and the plans need to coordinate with Hengqin’s own development plan,” said Kong.

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