Briefs | Less car accidents reported on Amizade Bridge

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) reported that the number of car accidents recorded on the Amizade Bridge decreased in 2017. According to the DSAT, in 2017 a total of 481 cases were registered, representing a decrease of 30 percent year-on-year. A bigger drop was reported at the conjunction area of the bridge and the Macau Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, the number of accidents occurring in this particular area dropped by over 50 percent in 2017.  These accidents were mostly related to improper safe distances between vehicles, unsafe lane changing, and, in some cases, wet roads.

4 men involved in group fight charged with assault

Four mainland residents were transferred to the prosecution authority after a group fight in front of a casino in Cotai. The fight, which took place on Friday night, involved more than 10 people who belonged to two different groups. Later, police officers spotted the four men inside a hotel, having seized six bamboo sticks and one cleaver. In August, an online video which went viral showed a group fight at Av. Cidade Nova. In May, a group of more than 10 men were also recorded fighting nearby an integrated resort in Cotai.

No Macau locals injured in Taiwan train accident

The Tourism Crisis Management Office (GGCT) is paying close attention to the train derailment in Taiwan, China. The GGCT is maintaining close contact with the Macao Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan for further developments. From the information provided by the Macao Economic and Cultural Office in Taiwan, at the present moment there are no Macau residents on the list of injured. Up until now, The GGCT has not received any requests for information or assistance. As of 5 a.m. yesterday, the train derailment has caused 18 deaths and 187 injuries (24 people sustained serious injuries).

AL committee to follow up seven issues in new session

The Legislative Assembly’s (AL) Public Financial Matters Follow-up Committee will address seven issues during the upcoming AL session, the committee announced yesterday. The seven issues are: the 2017 government budget implementation; new budget law; procurement law; public capital investment; Guangdong-Macau co-operative development fund; industrial and commercial development fund; and, government subsidies for public transportation. The committee will also follow up on the Viva Macau case during this session. Currently, the committee is waiting for the Commission Against Corruption’s investigation report. The chairman of the committee, Mak Soi Kun, said that the committee might not be able to follow up on all seven issues in 2018.

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