Briefs | Liaison Office in HK had Chinese flag upside down

The Liaison Office in Hong Kong has apologized after some of its staff members hoisted the Chinese national flag upside down, according to Hong Kong reports. The Liaison Office in Hong Kong said that the mistake was corrected immediately. The Liaison Office in Hong Kong claimed that the office has already reprimanded the relevant people. The office also thanked the public for its concern and issued a deep apology. Back in the year of 2017, the Macao Customs Service twice hoisted the Chinese national flag upside down. The Macau department even claimed that pictures of the incident had been photoshopped. However, the Judiciary Police (PJ), following an investigation, refuted the Customs Service’s claim.

Eight civil servants complaints recorded in 2018

The annual report of the city’s civil servant’s report system has disclosed a total of eight complaints were received through the civil servant’s reporting mechanism in 2018. Although there were 10 complaints issued, two were not registered. Four cases were received by the committee that oversees the matter and by public government departments. As of December 31, 2018, the committee had communicated with the individuals and the relevant government departments 157 times, including face-to-face interviews and phone calls.

300 SMEs join cross-border e-commerce platform

A total of 300 local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have joined Macau’s local cross-border e-commerce kiosk. On Friday, the Sino-Portuguese E-Commerce Chamber signed a cooperation agreement with Auto, a logistics and e-payment company, to open a cross-border e-commerce platform for local SMEs. In the future, local residents and tourists will be able to purchase Macau products on kiosks run by cross-border e-commerce operators. In total, 3,000 products will be available. Some of the kiosks are planned to be installed in hotels as well as at tourist attractions.

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