Briefs | License fee for cars travelling to Hong Kong to decrease

Macau car owners who hold a one-year permit to drive into Hong Kong have been called to renew their licenses before September 4. Yesterday, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) stated that if owners do not renew their licenses, they will not be assigned to other people. This time, the DSAT will renew licenses for a period of three years at a cost of MOP1,000. From today, the DSAT will reduce new license fees, as well as renewal fees. Owners will be charged MOP1,000 for a new three-year license for a car travelling to Hong Kong.

Wanzai Ferry Terminal may open after June 2020

The next Chief Executive, Ho Iat Seng, has claimed that ferries to Wanzai, Zhuhai, may open after June next year. The Inner Harbor Ferry Terminal, where ferries sailed to Wanzai, was closed at the beginning of 2016. The ferry terminal was closed mainly because of road works nearby, and because the government wanted to protect the surrounding roads from further deterioration. In Ho’s opinion, if Wanzai offers ferries that sail straight to Cotai, transportation pressure across the Border Gate will largely be reduced.

Fourth Zhuhai water supply pipeline ready

A fourth water supply pipeline from Zhuhai to Macau has been examined by the Guangdong and Macau governments, and is expected to begin supplying Macau in the near future. Yesterday, the management company responsible for the project completed cleaning of the pipeline. The new water supply pipeline, which will form a circle around Macau’s water supply system, is said to be able to meet Macau’s future water demands. The fourth water supply channel was designed to have a daily capacity of 200,000 cubic meters. On a daily basis, Zhuhai’s water supply to Macau will reach 700,000 cubic meters, spread across the four water supply channels.

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