Briefs | Local secondary student holds debut painting exhibition

Local young painter, Wong Si Kei, will hold her debut exhibition at the Art Exhibition Pavilion for The Youth, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau announced. The exhibition will feature acrylic paintings, canvas paintings and 3D art pieces. According to the bureau, Wong employs an “approach to imagery which illustrates her own thoughts.” The exhibition will run from April 7 to 19 at the venue, which is located beside the Tap Seac Square. The young painter is currently a student of the graduating class at Hou Kong Middle School. Viewers are reminded to wear facemasks while visiting the exhibition. A health declaration is also required to enter the exhibition venue.

MUST wins debate competition for third straight year

The debate team of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) has won the annual debating competition organized by the home institution on March 28 for the third consecutive year. The event was held online to comply with government measures to combat the outbreak of Covid-19. In the final round, MUST and City University of Macau teams debated the idea of accepting unrighteous acts of kindness. As the team for the affirmative, the MUST team stated that the result of discarding goodness by means of injustice is a kind of sacrifice and accepting unrighteous acts will create good for everyone. The victorious team was rebutted by arguments which included the importance of procedural justice. The MUST team triumphed by 5 to 0.

Four types of vehicles allowed to cross Macau-Zhuhai border

The Guangdong authorities have recently tightened measures governing arrivals from around the world, resulting in cross-border vehicles not being allowed to enter Zhuhai from Macau by land. During the early phase of the border measures, only vehicles crucial to the daily operations of Macau were permitted across the border. Other business owners and operators were not given the same access. The mainland authorities have recently clarified that only trucks, emergency vehicles, funeral vehicles, as well as single-plated vehicles accessing Hengqin and the Cross-border Industrial Area are allowed to depart Macau for Zhuhai. Passengers should alight to proceed through border control at the immigration hall. The authorities did not announce length of time the measures would be in effect.

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