Briefs | Macau pets exempted from mainland quarantine

Starting from May 1, pets from Macau may be exempted from quarantine inspections when entering Mainland China. The General Administration of Customs announced China’s latest update to the country’s regulations on the quarantine of pets. Including Macau and Hong Kong, 19 designated countries and territories are included in the exemption. According to the new regulation, when pets from Macau enter China, the owners need to present both a quarantine certificate and a vaccination certificate. If the pet’s chip meets the requirement and the pet passes an on-site clinical examination, they can be exempted from quarantine.

427 taxi infractions recorded in March

In March, a total of 427 taxi offences were recorded by the Public Security Police Force (PSP), according to a statement released by the PSP earlier this week. Among them, 266 offences (62 percent) related to overcharging and refusing to carry passengers. There were 100 cases (23 percent) of taxi drivers refusing to accept passengers and 61 cases involving other violations. During the same period, the police recorded 10 cases involving unauthorized taxis, none of which were related to mobile taxi hailing services.

Lawmaker asks about labor rights protection fund

Lawmaker Ella Lei has raised a written inquiry to the government and urged the authorities to prevent abuse of the Labor Creditors’ Rights Protection Fund. Lei cited the fund’s work report with respect to 2016 and 2017, where it reported that although a total of MOP21.9 million was paid from the fund, only 3 percent of that money, amounting to MOP607,000, was returned. The fund started operation back in 2016. Lei asked about which industries the employees who applied to the fund are mainly involved in, and whether the relevant laws and regulations needed to be reviewed.

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