Briefs | Mainland woman arrested after assaulting police

Police have corroborated as genuine a video spreading on the Internet, in which an allegedly drunken woman was seen yelling at and fighting with police officers. Police revealed on Wednesday that the woman, surnamed Jia, is 18 years old and came from the mainland. She was taken to the police sub-station at NAPE by taxi, after the driver accused her of causing damage to the vehicle. The driver added that during her trip, she moved from the back of the car to the front seat and started hitting the driver. After stopping at the police station, the officers on scene were trying to restrain her inside a taxi while they waited for back up. During the arrest, she hit two officers in their waist and abdomen. She was charged by the police with physical assault, resistance, aggravated insult and physical damage.

Gov’t retrieves Coloane Alto land plot

A land plot on Coloane Alto was retrieved by the government through a cross-departmental operation on Wednesday. The 53,900 square meter land plot was illegally acquired by a property developer, according to the government, which said that the land plot is state-owned. In February last year, the corruption watchdog investigated the matter, and its superintendent, the Chief Executive, instructed that the case be passed to the Judiciary Police. However, since then, the Judiciary Police has not issued any update to the public about the case.

CE pleased with Industrial Products Show restart

Chief Executive Chui Sai On met yesterday with the Chairman of the Macau Industrial Association, António Chui Yuk Lum, and other representatives of the body, in order to exchange views on the city’s industrial development. According to a statement issued by the government, Chui indicated that the reactivation of the “Macau Industrial Products Show” last year had yielded good results. The top official said he was pleased to see that the event is being organized again this year. He added that the government will continue to support and collaborate in the preparation of the Macau Industrial Products Show, thereby helping to develop the industrial sector.

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