Briefs | Mandatory measures proposed to protect Ilha Verde hill

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will initiate administrative procedures to make the maintenance of Ilha Verde hill mandatory, in case the owner fails to propose a plan for the site’s protection before the deadline. The measure is in accordance with the city’s cultural relics heritage law. According to the IC, the bureau will give the hill owner 30 days to submit a restoration plan. In 2016, the IC released its opinions on the protection of Ilha Verde, suggesting that the hill, trees, wood, abbey, environmental character and military buildings be maintained. Recently, the IC visited the abbey to learn about the damage to the hill, however, they were unable to enter because the hill is private property. 

Temporary ferry terminal planned at Barra

The Marine and Water Bureau has said that the SAR government has plans to build a temporary public ferry terminal at Barra, according to their reply to lawmaker Ho Ion Sang’s inquiry. The ferry terminal will be used by vessels carrying tourists. According to the marine authority, the temporary ferry terminal was planned based on Macau’s master plan of tourism industry development, which was published in 2017. The plan proposed providing both residents and tourists with new leisure and cultural spaces.

SAFP clarifies civil servant welfare rumor 

The Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) has released a statement to clarify an online rumor relating to civil servants’ welfare. According to the SAFP, the rumor indicated that the bureau had issued a notification announcing that civil servants would not receive compensation in the form of days-off when they had already received additional payment from the government. The bureau did not elaborate on the rumor, and instead called on civil servants and the public to stop sharing it. The rumor directs the public to ask the SAFP for further information. The SAFP has received a large number of inquiries.

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