Briefs | One death in industrial accident

One local worker has died in an industrial accident while working at the Grand Emperor Hotel, according to a statement released by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL). The accident was reported on Sunday afternoon.  The deceased fell from 11-meter-high scaffolding.  He was taken to hospital, where his death was announced midnight yesterday. The DSAL has already ordered the suspension of works at the construction site, instructing the contractor to implement occupational safety improvement measures and submit an accident investigation report. Only after this occurs will the bureau approve the resumption of work.

Lawmaker asks about gov’t spend on large-scale events

Lawmaker Lam Lon Wai has asked the government to accept further supervision over the government’s use of the public coffers. In his written inquiry to the local government, Lam asked whether the government had set up an annual plan for organizing large-scale events. He wants the local government to review and evaluate some of its new events to improve them. Furthermore, Lam wants the government to explain to the public how it assesses the effectiveness of its large-scale events and how it monitors the implementation of its own budget.

Mainland to ensure stable food supply to Macau

The local government has signed a cooperation agreement with the mainland government to ensure a stable food supply to Macau market, according to a statement released by the Office for the Secretary for Administration and Justice. According to this agreement, both regions will enhance information exchange and communications to secure the supply. Both governments will continue to promote interoperability between them and food safety information, effectively responding to the problems of food safety,  inspection and quarantine, and jointly releasing the correct agricultural product safety information to the public.

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