Briefs | One killed, two injured in murder case

A young woman was killed in an incident in the Pat Tat San Chun building in Areia Preta. Two others, including one child, were injured. On Sunday night, a mainland woman in her 30s went to the building located on Avenida de Venceslau de Morais, armed with a knife, looking for the husband of the late victim. The perpetrator entered the house after the mother of the victim’s husband told her that he was not at home. The perpetrator then attacked the three victims, including the mother of the victim’s husband and his son. A little girl, the man’s daughter, safely escaped the crime scene and reported the case to the building’s security, who then reported it to the police authority. The wife died on her way to the hospital.

Many parents argue with children over mobile phone use

A survey conducted by the Macau Sheng Kung Hui Social Services Coordination Office shows that about 28% of local parents have quarreled with their children over mobile phone usage. Thirty-eight percent of the interviewed parents attempted to confiscate their children’s smartphones. About 37% of the young people surveyed said that they focused even more on their mobiles after the argument, rather than talking to their parents. Approximately 30% of the interviewed teenagers reported feeling that their parents spent more time using their mobile phones than they spent with their children. Over half of teenagers reported using their mobiles occasionally or frequently while dining with their parents.

DSAT launches passenger count system on local buses

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) has installed a system that allows people to check the number of passengers on 357 buses across the city. The system will be rolled out in three phases, the first of which will commence today. Passengers using the DSAT bus tracking mobile application will be able to check the volume of passengers on the buses, in addition to existing functionality that reports on the location and timing of the buses. In a statement, the bureau expressed hopes that these measures would better equip passengers to make better choices and plan their travel itinerary for a more convenient and pleasant commuting experience. The system has been in testing for quite some time. It will be applied to a total of 20 bus routes in the first phase. The selected buses were chosen because they account for about 40% of all passenger movements. The DSAT hopes to have the system completely integrated by the end of March, with the second phase planned for the end of February.

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