Briefs | Opportunity for workers to learn, says ExCo member

Lee Chong Cheng, a member of the Executive Council, has suggested Macau’s workers improve their skills during this period of low business activity amid the 2019-nCoV outbreak. During this morning’s TDM radio program, Lee mentioned that under the current global economic environment, Macau’s economy is steady but the numbers suggest greater pressure over all sectors and industries in the coming months. Lee pointed out that the construction, gaming and retail sectors represent a large portion of Macau’s economy. Amid the economic slowdown, workers should take this “good opportunity” to pick up new skills and improve existing ones.

2020 celebration event to center on UNESCO recognition

This year, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will focus on the celebration of the 15th anniversary since the Historic Center of Macau was inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 2005. IC director Mok Ian Ian said that the bureau will organize a series of events themed “Share with the World Heritage,” hoping to raise public awareness of historical cultural relic protection. In addition, the IC will launch, in different stages, a world heritage monitoring center. This center is expected to monitor the surrounding environment of Macau’s world heritage sites using sophisticated technologies. The center is to be established to improve Macau’s protection of world cultural heritage.

IAM affirms that all imported fish are safe

The Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM) has clarified that Macau has not imported any contaminated fish from mainland China. According to a statement released by the IAM, some members of the Macau public are worried that mainland China has fish culture zones which are contaminated. The IAM said that all fish imported to Macau from mainland China have been imported from legal fish culture zones and that these zones are being “strictly” monitored by the mainland’s relevant departments. The IAM said that all imported fish meet Macau’s food safety requirements from the perspective of production, hygienic packaging and transportation. The authority also stated that it carries out regular inspections at fish markets to ensure the products’ quality and safety.

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