Briefs | Over 100 unemployed construction workers send petition to DSAL


A group of more than 100 unemployed construction workers sent a letter to the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) yesterday with hopes of a job matching session.
The group was accompanied by lawmaker José Perreira Coutinho who told the press that construction sites have been dismissing workers, and the group is calling on authorities to discuss how to assist the unemployed in seeking new jobs. DSAL deputy director Chan Un Tong said that the bureau is striving to arrange interview opportunities for job applicants, adding some job applicants have not been interviewed because there are currently no available positions for certain types of jobs.

Macau-registered vehicles allowed into Hengqin doubles

The total number of Macau-registered motor vehicles allowed into Hengqin will be increased to 10,000 under the quota system of a cross-border scheme. The quota increase – from an aggregate of 5,000 last year – seeks to further improve the convenience of travel for the public between Macau and Hengqin, the SAR and Zhuhai governments announced.

Debut Cotai-Zhuhai ferry landed yesterday

The debut ferry from Zhuhai’s Jiuzhou Port to the Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal, carrying over 100 passengers, landed in Macau yesterday morning. The whole journey takes around 25 minutes which greatly shortens the duration of travel compared to the 45-minute road route. The Marine and Water Bureau hopes the new route will help deepen collaboration between Macau and Zhuhai.

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