Briefs | Overcharging dropped 95.48% in July 

In July, 61 taxi offences were recorded by the Public Security Police Force, representing 88.16% decrease compared to July 2018.  The marked decrease is said to be related to the implementation of the city’s new taxi law, which came into effect on June 3. In July 2018, the number of violations related to overcharging, refusing to take passengers and other violations were 332, 101 and 82, respectively. In total, 515 taxi infractions were recorded in July 2018. Year-on-year decreases of 95.48% (15 cases), 86.14% (14 cases), and 60.89% (32 cases) were recorded for overcharging, refusing to transport passengers and other violations respectively.

IAS to launch two levels of shelter opening instructions 

The Social Affairs Bureau (IAS) will set up instructions for the opening of emergency shelters during different typhoon levels. In total, there will be two levels. The first level will be adopted when the city hoists signal T8 or above, with four emergency centers opening in this case. The emergency centers are Ilha Verde Refuge Center, Macao Federation of Trade Union Workers Stadium, Taipa and Coloane Social Service Center (Taipa Branch), and Academy of Public Security Forces. Under the second level, when the government initiates an emergency evacuation from low places, all 17 centers, four meeting points and other shelters during emergency evacuation will be open.

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