Briefs | Police bust illegal food operation in residential unit


In the course of investigating an illegal non-resident worker report, the Public Security Police Force happened to bust an illegal fish processing facility in a residential unit in Taipa, arresting three people. They are now looking for two other people who were not present during the raid. The facility processed 300 fish each day and supplied the products to catering establishments near Avenida Olímpica in Taipa. Of the three people arrested, two are non-resident workers and one is an overstaying tourist. The other two who were not present during the raid are cousins and the owners of the company. The fish processing facility was unsanitary and cockroaches were found at the site, according to the police.

Four men fall victim to naked video call scam

The Judiciary Police received reports from four men who said they had fallen victim to a blackmailing scam involving naked video calls. According to the police, two of the men lost a combined total of HKD28,000. One of the four is a non-resident worker from the mainland, who was asked by a woman to install an app with the file name “base.apk.” The two of them then had a 10-minute long video call while naked. Afterwards, he was blackmailed and asked to pay 3,300 Chinese yuan. Another of the victims is a 19-year-old university student. After a brief naked video call, he was blackmailed and asked for MOP25,000 in gaming cards. The blackmailing continued after he paid, so the victim contacted the police. The two remaining victims did not lose any money in the scam.

AIPIM donates food to Caritas after fundraiser

The Macau Portuguese and English Press Association (AIPIM) delivered food items to Caritas Macau on Saturday afternoon that it acquired from a fundraising campaign in recent weeks. During the campaign that ran from June 12 to July 9, some 23,600 patacas was raised. In addition to the contribution from AIPIM members and AIPIM’s funds, the Macau Institute for Corporate Social Responsibility in Greater China in Macau joined this initiative with a 7,500-pataca donation. With the funds raised, AIPIM acquired rice and canned food, which were handed over to Caritas to assist the families of both residents and non-residents that the charity has been supporting in this pandemic period.

AL committee agrees to gov’t age limit in housing bill

Regarding the amendments to the current economic housing law, Ho Ion Sang, head of the Legislative Assembly’s First Standing Committee, said that the committee has accepted the government’s explanation on why the minimum age for individual subsidized housing applicants was raised from 18 to 23. As for family cluster applicants, the government has revoked its proposal to raise the age to 25 and has agreed keep it at 18. The committee also agreed to the government’s proposal to rank by points, but recommended the addition of other criteria, such as family cluster size and years of residence in Macau.

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