Briefs | Police notified as parents brawl at Camões Garden

The Mandarin-speaking parents of two different children fought each other at Camões Garden on Sunday, with police investigating the matter. According to witnesses, lots of children were running and playing at the playground of the garden when it was suspected that two kids bumped against each other. This gave rise to a verbal conflict between the two parents, with the conflict later developing into a fight. Police are now investigating the cause of the conflict. Local Chinese newspaper Macao Daily News commented that such an incident would set a bad example for kids, making them think that violence is an acceptable means of solving conflicts.

CE’s evasion of interviews unusual, claim lawmakers

Lawmakers Agnes Lam and Sulu Sou both find it unusual that Chief Executive (CE) Chui Sai On has been evading talking to the media recently. The top official has also refused to attend the Legislative Assembly Plenary question-and-answer session in August, which is different from the previous arrangement. Lam, who is also an academic in journalism, believes that the CE should take media interviews when he attends public occasions, as it will allow the public to understand the CE’s view on certain matters. Sou wrote in a social media post that the CE has hidden behind the microphone for four months, speculating that the official may be evading questions about certain, controversial plans.

New Macau hands CE letter on proposed investment company

The New Macau Association yesterday handed a letter to the Chief Executive, urging him to withdraw his plan to set up a proposed new investment company that will be funded with MOP60 billion from the public coffers. The association stressed that there is currently no mechanism to limit, plan for or monitor this type of investment. It stated that the general public is suspicious given the limited amount of information available. The submission of the proposal near the end of this term may remind people of the “Compensation Bill” which triggered two protests in 2014 of 20,000 and 10,000 participants respectively. Laws should be made swiftly, the association said, to close the loophole with respect to the proposal.

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