Briefs | Power outage in Taipa

The power supply interruption that occurred in the Taipa district and surrounding regions yesterday at 5.50 p.m. was caused by damage to two sets of underground medium-voltage cables by the excavation work of a third-party construction company, utility company Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) has revealed. The power outage affected power supply to approximately 230 buildings and over 1,200 households in Taipa Old District, Jockey Club District and Central District. CEM said that repair works were carried out immediately and power was restored to most customers by 6.34 p.m. The remaining 100 customers or so were supplied by mobile generators, CEM said. 

Liaison Office: AL will support gov’t

The Liaison Office has congratulated the winners of the Legislative Assembly (AL) election, and said that it believes that not only will the new AL  exercise its rights as stated by Macau’s Basic Law, but will also support the Chief Executive and the SAR government in implementing policies according to the law. The office said that Macau residents “exercised their democratic rights and elected the majority of the lawmakers.” It believes that the AL will push forward the successful practices concerning the ‘One Country Two Systems’ principle.

Final election results released

The Legislative Assembly Election Accounting Committee released the final results of the Elections for the Legislative Assembly (AL) yesterday afternoon, the Government Information Bureau informed in a statement. The chairman of the Accounting Committee, Kuok Kin Hong, said that another 39 votes on direct suffrage were declared valid after being initially considered null (5 cases), while 34 cases of list complaints were still pending decisions. Some 174,872 eligible voters cast their ballots, equivalent to 57.22 percent of total eligible voters, 2.2 percent higher than the last legislative election. In line with the Basic Law, the new legislature is composed of 33 seats including 14 directly-elected seats, 12 indirectly-elected seats, and seven others which will be appointed by the SAR’s chief executive. The term of office for the sixth Legislative Assembly will begin in October this year.

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