Briefs | PSP officers sentenced for malpractice

Two former Public Security Police Force (PSP) officers have been sentenced to 19 and 15 years in jail, according to a statement released by the Court of Final Appeal.  Previously, the two officers were caught helping banned individuals to enter Macau. One officer assisted 17 times, while the second assisted 10 times. The Court of First Instance sentenced the two men to 21 and 19 years in prison. Later, after both appealed, the Court of Second Instance reduced the sentences to 19 and 15 years respectively. The TUI’s final judgement considered the damage the two officers caused to the PSP’s image.

Man falls to death in accident

A 59-year-old male employee of the Macau University of Science and Technology (MUST) was found dead after a suspected industrial accident. The accident took place on Monday afternoon. The deceased was found by the school’s administrator, who heard a noise while on duty and then reported the incident to the police. After an investigation by the Judiciary Police, the authority believes that the man fell from a height during work and died upon impact.   

Pac On land outsourced to CEM

The Macau SAR government has outsourced a land plot in Pac On to CEM, according to a dispatch published in the government’s Official Gazette. The land, which is 2,887 square meters, has been outsourced to CEM to build an electrical substation which will have a construction area of 6,902 square meters. The final building will have four stories, including a basement. The concession, which was exempted from public tender, is valid for a period of 15 years. On an annual basis, CEM is obliged to pay the government a fee of MOP1.94 million.

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