Briefs | Research indicates no shortage of nurses

Research into Macau’s medical development plan shows that Macau has no shortage of nurses in public hospitals. According to a statement released by the Health Bureau (SSM), the bureau commissioned the Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct research into Macau’s medical development plan and on the city’s demands for medical personnel. The research concluded that Macau already has a well-established basic medical service system that reduces dependence on specialists.  The university’s research findings complimented Macau’s medical service by saying that it is more advanced than that of Hong Kong. The research suggested that, in the long term, Macau needs to be prepared for increased demand for medical services brought about by the aging population.

Two arrested for dealing drugs

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has arrested two local residents for their involvement in drug trafficking, PJ reported yesterday.  The first person arrested is a taxi driver who hid the drugs inside a building’s electrical switch board so that buyers could pick it by themselves. He would drive his own car instead of his taxi to place the drugs inside the building’s switch board. Inside this man’s house, PJ seized cocaine and methamphetamine (ice). The man is also suspected of driving under the influence of drugs. The first suspect said that he once used his taxi to transport drugs, accompanied by one of his friends. His friend was also arrested. In total, PJ seized drugs worth 276,000 patacas. The two men were hired by mainland drug trafficking groups and have been couriering drugs for three months in Macau.

Hotel Estoril design progress as expected

The design of the revamp of Hotel Estoril is progressing as expected, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) said in its reply to a lawmaker’s interpellation. In August, last year, the government announced the successful tenderer for the design of the Tap Seac Youth Center for Cultural, Recreational and Sports Activities.The Companhia de Arquitectura Design Chan Kam Limitada has been awarded the MOP48.9 million contract to design the center within 233 days. The center will include a parking lot, drama academy, auditorium, basketball court, and a rooftop pool (heated during winter) to be open all year. The parking lot will offer 900 parking spots and there will be 400 to 500 seats in the auditorium.

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