Briefs | Restaurant fight between two groups leaves four injured


Four people have sustained injuries after being involved in a fight inside a restaurant. The incident was reported to the police authority early on Tuesday morning. Six people, four men and two women, had been dining in a restaurant at Van Sion Son Chun. During their meal, the six people got involved in a fight with another group sitting next to them. One man was hit with a glass bottle, while another three people sustained light injuries. When the police authority arrived at the scene, the assailants had already left. The victims claimed to have not fought back after the attack and just wanted the attackers to be held responsible. The police authority is investigating the whereabouts of the assailants.

Nam Kwong confident in supply of food products

Nam Kwong (Group) Company is confident that it can ensure the supply of fresh and frozen food products to Macau, according to a report by Macao Daily News. Nam Kwong said that the company’s supply to Macau is stable and smooth, with sufficient inventory and stable prices. The company is confident that, under the overall planning of the SAR government, Nam Kwong is capable of meeting the supply needs of the city. Nam Kwong said it is currently enhancing communication with fresh and frozen commodity suppliers to ensure a stable supply of food products.

Urological association visits Portuguese consulate

The Urological and Reproductive Association of Macau has paid a visit to the Portuguese consulate in Macau. Recently, a delegation of the association met with the deputy consul. The group introduced the association, providing information on its background, and said that it has been dedicated to improving medical technologies in the urological and reproductive sector, and to building a platform in Macau of overseas connections. The association hopes to work with Portugal’s urological and reproductive sector to explore healthcare development. The deputy consul endorsed the association’s work and agreed that Macau can be a good platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, promoting diverse collaboration.

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