Briefs | Six tropical cyclones to affect Macau in 2019

This year there will be between four and six tropical cyclones affecting the Macau territory, according to the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG). These tropical cyclones will be within a range of 800 kilometers from Macau. Strong typhoons might occur, according to the SMG’s prediction. The first tropical cyclone to affect Macau will hit the city sometime in the middle of June, while the typhoon season is expected to last until October. The SMG further predicts that precipitation levels between April and September will be normal to slightly above average.

Macau Taxi to run another 200 taxis

Macau Taxi has won the concession to operate an additional 200 special taxis, according to a dispatch published in the Official Gazette. Currently, the company already operates 100 special taxis. These vehicles are all mobile-hailing based taxis. Like the previous fleet of 100 taxis, the concession for the new fleet of 200 vehicles is also eight years. The company is allowed to operate this batch of 200 taxis separately. Moreover, the company expects to put these taxis on the roads within half a year after the company signs contracts with the local government.

IAS provides further instant sign language translation

The Social Affairs Bureau (IAS) is providing sign language translation at 20 of its service points. Deaf and hearing-impaired people who visit these IAS offices can receive instant video sign language translation through tablets installed inside the offices. The service results from a cooperative partnership between the IAS and the Macau Deaf Association. There are approximately 3,000 deaf and hearing-impaired people in Macau. The demand for sign language interpreters is high, according to the IAS, and, in the near future, the bureau will provide training to relevant personnel.

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