Briefs | Sulu Sou warns Macau not immune to violence

Lawmaker Sulu Sou is renewing his call for universal suffrage in Macau. During Friday’s Legislative Assembly plenary meeting, Sou noted in his speech before the agenda, “we know that, currently, there is not a single law prohibiting Macau from achieving universal suffrage for the Chief Executive’s election.” The lawmaker warned that Macau is not immune to the type of violence seen in Hong Kong. “In the last 10 years, and including the recent political dilemma, Hong Kong is exactly giving Macau a precious lesson, which is also a heavy warning, that of constitutional violence being the origin of all sorts of violence,” he said. “I believe that nobody wants society to become unstable. But if the political system and the election methods do not change, constitutional violence will always be there,” warned Sou.

Corruption | reports said to have been in vain

Pereira Coutinho used his time at the Legislative Assembly on Friday to question the effectiveness of the Commission Against Corruption’s (CCAC) annual report. “Residents have noticed that, in recent years, CCAC reports gradually lose their importance and authority because they do not result in accountability,” he said. “Nobody needs to be responsible. It seems that the relevant departments do not concern [the report] at all. Nobody resigns, nobody apologizes. It also seems that no one is ever at fault,” said Coutinho. “After a while, CCAC reports repeat the same warning, pointing out the same abuse of power and violation. However, residents have already lost their interest in the report,” he added. “Now, we can only put our hopes in the next Chief Executive.”

Sex education in need of improvement

Wong Kit Cheng has urged the local government to improve sex education. Wong proposes the establishment of an independent sex education resource center to manage sex education, and the training of teachers, students, parents and the broader society. Wong also urged the local government to amend private tutor center licenses, as well as the supervision system bill, including enhancing penalties and increasing inspections in all locations which involve children, and strictly reviewing teaching staff’s background. Agnes Lam also questioned the effectiveness of Macau’s sex education framework. She has suggested that Macau should learn from Europe in terms of sex education in schools.

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