Briefs | Two police officers sentenced to jail

The Public Security Police Force (PSP) is following up on the disciplinary process related to two police officers who were found guilty of a drunk driving-related accident. In 2016, one of the police officers hit a pedestrian while he was driving. The other police officer was inside the same vehicle when the incident took place, along with another woman. Both tried to cover for the driver by claiming they were the ones driving the car. The driver was under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred. The court sentenced him to three years and three months in jail, and banned him from driving for three years. The police officer who tried to cover for the actual driver was sentenced to a one-year jail sentence and suspended for three years.

One Country Two Systems said to have unparalleled superiority

Ma Iao Lai said that One Country Two Systems policy is unparalleled in its superiority.  Ma’s comments were made during yesterday’s opening ceremony of a photo exhibition featuring Hong Kong and Macau “compatriots’ contributions to the motherland.” Ma, Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the Macao Chamber of Commerce, said that in the course of national development and opening up, all walks of life in Macau are contributors and beneficiaries, and that the public also saw the marks of Macau’s participation in various fields.  Ma said that since the return of Macau to the motherland 20 years ago, it has been proven by a great deal of evidence that the One Country and Two Systems policy has great vitality and unparalleled superiority.

PJ cracks down on three illegal mobile stations

Earlier this week, the Judiciary Police (PJ) cracked down on three illegal message service centers at ZAPE and Nam Van areas. One mainland woman was caught operating this illegal messaging service. PJ believes that the messages were to be targeted specifically to visitors to the upcoming Macau Grand Prix.  In total, PJ seized five computer devices from three residential units. In one of the units, PJ also found that the property was being used for illegal guest accommodation, having taken nine people from the house for further investigation. The houses were rented by criminals who are currently on the run.

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