Briefs | UM planting trees to welcome Xi Jinping

To welcome a visit from the state leader on December 20th, the University of Macau is busy planting new trees at its new campus. Workers have been adding more young trees to the greenbelt by the seaside, and updating information boards at bus stops. A recruitment notice was also found on the campus to hire students to help work on the greenery. With Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the territory fast approaching, traffic outside the Gongbei Port has also shown significant improvement this month, as city inspectors, traffic policemen and volunteers have been maintaining order at the crossroads in front of the border gate.

Gov’t to build 700-meter footbridge in Taipa

The government is designing a 700-meter “green corridor in the air” through the whole Avenida de Guimarães, linking the Edificio do Lago to the future Light Rail Transit (LRT) station at Olympic Stadium. The footbridge will be built as part of a walking system that connects the transport hub in the Estrada Gov. Albano de Oliveira, Old Taipa Town, the housing complex in North Taipa, and future LRT stations. According to the plan, the footbridge will be covered by shelters, laid with electronic passenger conveyors, and set with elevators to the ground at each boarding point. The Transport Bureau (DSAT) and the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) have been exhibiting the plan at the Taipa Central Park and the Stadium, and expect to conduct a tender process for the project next year. In addition, the government is designing a footbridge to be built above the Ouvidor Arriaga Roundabout.

Christmas tree made of recycled toys on display

Entering the holiday season, the Macau Design Center has built a 4-meter high Christmas tree made of recycled toys which will remain on display until January 11. Through its “Toy Recycling for Creative Christmas Tree” activity, the organization collected new and old toys from local families to donate to children in mainland China who have been left at home by immigrant workers. “Macau is a plentiful society, relatives, friends and parents give presents to children for love. Many families accumulate excessive toys by the growth of children; parents are vexed by the toys. However, there are many families who have financial difficulties in other places, they can’t purchase toys for children,” stressed the Center in a press release. After the display period, all the toys will be donated though charitable organizations on the mainland, to children whose parents migrate to work in Guangdong Province. Besides recycling toys for charity, the activity aims to showcase the creativity of local designers.

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