Briefs | Weather, education bureaus to revive rainstorm warning

The Meteorological and Geophysics Bureau (SMG) will revive the first three-tier rainstorm warning after its prior elimination in 2004. Before that, the warning had two tiers to indicate the severity of rainstorm. The revival is required, according to the SMG, because it will fully reflect the actual conditions and thus allow residents and the government will be able to make early preparations. The new warning system will have three tiers: tier 1 suggesting the rainfall may significantly affect daily life; tier 2 suggesting possible floods that will generate safety issues; tier 3 suggesting extreme conditions with possible falling of trees and landslides. A qualifying rainstorm will bring at least 70mm rainfall per hour.

New auto trash collection uses stainless steel tubes

The automated trash collection system at Areia Preta will be rebuilt, according to the government. The existing one, which is no longer working, was designed for 25 years’ use but was broken after only 10 years. The cost of the existing one was MOP120 million. Lawmakers have asked the government if it has measures to better protect the system. In response, the administration said that the new system will be equipped with stainless steel underground tubes, which are expected to be more durable. However, lawmaker Mak Soi Kun urges the government to improve education on trash handling, saying unsorted trash disposal would easily damage the tube.

Prohibition on CE candidate polling in effect from August 10

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the upcoming Chief Executive (CE) election has reiterated that the official campaign period begins at midnight on August 10 and will run for 14 consecutive days, ending at midnight on August 23. From the start of the campaign period until the day after the election (August 26), any disclosure in the form of polls or results concerning the sole candidate shall be prohibited, the Commission warned, especially through the internet or any mobile communication network applications. No one may, with turmoil, disorder, or gossip, disturb a rally or election campaign. Neither can anyone steal, destroy, tear or in any way render useless or unreadable – in whole or in part – electoral propaganda material or hide it with any material. The Commission also points out that no one can coerce or induce, directly or indirectly or by illicit means, the members of the electorate to vote or abstain from voting, as well as to vote or not to vote for the candidate.

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