Briefs | Zhuhai withdraws five people’s quarantine exemption privileges


The Zhuhai government has suspended the quarantine exemptions of five people who violated regulations. The group of five includes a businessman who needed to travel between Macau and Zhuhai for urgent business, a mainland non-local worker in Macau, and three Macau residents who live in Zhuhai. These individuals must now abide by Zhuhai’s 14-day quarantine policy once they cross the border from Macau to Zhuhai. According to the Zhuhai government, some individuals who are exempt from quarantine have violated Zhuhai’s policies. The policies require people to declare relevant information, cooperate with community health management, and not leave Guangdong province without approval. Zhuhai declared that these five presented a high risk to Zhuhai’s Covid-19 control.

Si Ka Lon proposes Macau’s involvement in national hygiene system

Lawmaker Si Ka Lon has told China News Agency that Macau should be part of the national public hygiene emergency system. Si, who is currently in Beijing to attend the National People’s Congress, hopes that Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong can form a joint leadership system in order to adjust immigration policies more flexibly, and ensure the safe and orderly recovery of the Greater Bay Area after Covid-19. Si proposes further developing the Guangdong-Macau Traditional Chinese Medicine Technology Industrial Park Development in Hengqin, so that both Macau and Zhuhai can promote Chinese medicine treatment to all Portuguese-speaking countries. In addition, the Macau NPC member hopes the central government will launch plans to support Hengqin and Macau’s deep cooperation, eliminating constitutional and policy barriers between the two places.

Two supermarkets to reduce pork prices

San Miu Supermarket and Luen Fung Supermarket have planned to reduce the price of pork starting from Saturday. Yesterday, leaders from the two supermarkets met with the Municipal Affairs Bureau (IAM). The two supermarkets promised that pork prices would be reduced, with Luen Fung specifically promising a 15% reduction in prices. The IAM issued a press release acknowledging the two stores’ longstanding reasonable pork prices. According to the IAM, the pork supply has been stable and increasing. This means San Miu and Luen Fung can continue reducing the price of pork. Previously in April, the IAM president José Tavares urged local pork vendors to consider lowering their prices after the public complained about the gap in prices between different wet markets.

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