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British-inspired Thai at The Londoner 

Thai food lovers who delight in an interesting interior would be thrilled to visit The Mews, a refined Thai restaurant led by creative senior chef Nongnuch “Nuch” Sae-eiw (chef Nuch).

Since June 2023, Chef Nuch has been presenting an experiential tasting menu of authentic flavours from across Thailand. Her culinary philosophy is to uncompromisingly stay true to the cuisine of her homeland, whether that is her version of a well-known dish or one of her own creations, every bite is a true taste of Thailand. Passionate about sourcing key ingredients and seasonal produce, including herbs and spices, Chef works closely with artisanal and organic farms there to ensure a constant supply of premium products.

During her career, Chef Nuch has held senior positions at a number of Michelin rated and award-winning restaurants, including her most recent role prior to joining The Mews as head chef of Lahnyai, owned by Thai celebrity chef Thitid ‘Ton’ Tassanakajohn. Chef Nuch considers working for Chef Ton during her two-year tenure was a defining moment in her career and considers him a friend and mentor, but at The Mews, she has had the freedom to create her own menus. Currently the restaurant serves two tasting menus, the Seasonal Menu and the Signature Menu. The Signature Menu showcases Chef Nuch’s most ambitious and elevated creations. This includes Sunflower Chicken Tom Kha soup, Grilled Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef with Red Curry Sauce and Chakram Leaves, and Charcoal Grilled Iberian Pork Skewer with Ma-Kwaen Pepper Glaze and Eggplant Relish.

Diners can expect to be taken on a journey across Thailand defined by authentic flavours and a respect for tradition, combined with modern techniques, exquisite plating and a passion for originality. The restaurant is named after London mews, a row or street of houses that were former stables with living quarters above, built behind large houses prior to the era of the motorcar. Guests feel this detailed narrative immediately when stepping into The Mews, which complete with cast iron farrier and forging tools, horseshoes and arched brick ceiling, is a recreation of the stabling and workshop area featuring 18th and19th century masonry techniques.

The  drama continues into the dining rooms, as just like the original use in which a hidden passageway connected the stable and the grand home in front, the main dining area has its own hidden entrance. Guests are invited to find the correct horse-topped riding crop to open the door that leads them into a Thai culinary paradise and the three highly decorative dining rooms.

There is the Elephants’ room featuring an entire room dedicated to hand-carved wooden panels and lanterns complemented by luxurious soft furnishings, the Lantern room decorated with three dimensional tiles and a ceiling filled with soft-hued antique silk lanterns, and the Giants’ room, adorned by hundreds of Thai door knockers offset with plush fabric padded panels.

This combination of genuine Thai cuisine with attention-to-detail interiors will leave guests feeling transported as they discover the restaurant.

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