Bus body temperature checks wanted


Lawmaker Lei Chan U has written an interpellation to the local government about body temperature monitoring systems. Recently, some Guangdong cities resumed bus operations, having installed body temperature scanning systems inside the vehicles. Lei suggested that the local government should adopt this measure and install similar systems inside Macau’s buses. The system will trigger an alarm when a passenger’s body temperature is detected as being abnormal. Lei believes that the system can improve bus operational safety. Lei thinks that these systems should not only be installed on buses but also in government buildings, offices, and other facilities in order to reduce the amount of manual labor needed to perform body temperature scans.

No conditions to resume tutoring center business

The Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) has denied a request from business operators to resume the operation of tutoring centers. Kong Ngai, head of the division of education at DSEJ, has said that tutoring centers would not be able to start operating before the complete resumption of public schools, which is dependent on the development of the Covid-19 epidemic situation. The education authority representative explained that tutoring centers were only an auxiliary to mainstream education. Even though these centers do not draw high volumes of traffic, they are still responsible for crowds gathering. Kong said that the local government is now prioritizing epidemic prevention. Residents and, in particular, children should stay at home. Therefore, tutoring centers are not authorized to open as yet. The DSEJ representative expressed his gratitude for the cooperation of Macau’s 400-plus tutoring centers.

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