The Buzz: De Niro ends assessment fight with upstate NY town

Actor Robert De Niro says he’ll reimburse a town nearly USD130,000 in legal fees it spent defending its assessment of the actor’s upstate New York property.
The settlement involves the Hudson Valley town of Gardiner, north of New York City. The agreement was first reported earlier this week by The New York Times.
The trust that owns the compound on De Niro’s behalf had been battling the 40-hectare property’s $6 million assessment, resulting in a lengthy court case. De Niro has agreed to discontinue his appeal of the case, which the town won in June. The trust argued the property was worth $4 million.
The Times reports De Niro’s estate includes two guesthouses, a barn converted into a recreation center, a swimming pool, a boxing ring and film production suites.

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