Candidate admits that enhancing national education needs time 

The almost-next Chief Executive of Macau, Ho Iat Seng, has admitted that enhancing national education in Macau needs time and should not be rushed.
Earlier this week, during his meeting with representatives of the social services sector, Ho was questioned about Macau’s national education.

He said that enhancing national education in Macau must be done carefully and to not try to change residents’ opinions in a short time.
Despite this, Ho nevertheless noted that national and patriotic education should be strengthened in Macau. He also made further comments on Hong Kong’s “missing” national education.
Ho stated that Hong Kong’s recent peaceful protests pained him, and he believes that the reason why these protests are occurring in Hong Kong is attributable to the absence of national education, which should be enhanced in the neighboring SAR.

Ho agreed that a patriotic education model base should be established in Macau to allow youth to understand the country’s glory and its past suffering. Ho, who used to have Portuguese nationality, believes that national education should begin at an early age to enhance people’s patriotism.

“We can never forget that we are Chinese. Macau must enhance history education, especially modern history education, to let young people learn that it was difficult for the country to reach its present development status,” said Ho.
Ho expressed that Macau should continue to organize local youth visits to mainland China. 

In addition, during Ho’s meeting with the Overseas Chinese Association, Ho was congratulated for being “already elected.”

Lau Ngai Leong, president of the association congratulated Ho for “being elected with the highest number of votes.” Lau complimented Ho’s political platform for its wide coverage, for being down-to-earth, and for attaching great importance to livelihood. JZ


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