Car Review | Upgraded luxury Mercedes S-Class now in town

Representing exquisite luxury cars since the brand was born, the all-new Mercedes-Benz S-class has recently arrived in Macau, with improved facilities and technology inside and out.
Considered enchanting by the brand, the S-Class is not only the pride of Mercedes-Benz but also of many of its users. The vehicle is not to be experienced by one sense but four: sight, smell, hearing and touch.
Equipped with the latest Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) system, the carriage can be extensively voice-controlled, whether it be driven by the owner or chauffeur. It supports 27 languages and has 31 loudspeakers.
There are up to five screens on board, some with OLED technology. At the touch of a button, the new 3D driver display allows spatial perception of the surrounds with the introduction of genuine 3D effect for the first time: a feat made possible by eye-tracking. A similarly impressive feature is the large heads-up display with augmented reality content.
The new S-Class is so comfortable that it offers 10 different massage programs. The user can unwind and revive fully before making each critical decision. Comfort has always been a promise from Mercedes-Benz.
Technically, the new S-Class is equipped with the EQ Boost technology. When the vehicle accelerates, the 48-volt electric system complements the petrol engine with an additional 22 horsepower and 250 Newton-meters of energy output. This means that the vehicle is more eco-friendly without sacrificing volatile acceleration.
Depending on which model – the S450 or the S500 – the new S-Class can reach 100km/h from idle in around five seconds: we are talking about a car with all the luxurious facilities you can imagine.
Michael Gu, General Manager of Zung Fu Macau, said, “The new S-Class has set new standards in comfort, luxury, safety as well as technology. The vehicle has perfectly represented Mercedes’s continuing commitment to explore what’s possible for the future of driving. Knowing Macau has always been an important market for S-Class, we at Zung Fu are very honored to bring the vehicle to Macau as early as possible.”
Visit Zung Fu’s showroom in Taipa to view or test drive the new wonder of Mercedes-Benz.

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