Vanuatu | President: Cyclone devastation forcing nation to start anew 

Vanuatu’s president was rushing back to his country yesterday in the wake of what he dubbed a “monster” cyclone whose damage was still unknown beyond the devastation in the South

Malaysia | Police arrest daughter of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim

Malaysian police arrested the eldest daughter of jailed opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sedition yesterday, a move slammed by critics as a clampdown on dissent. Nurul Izzah Anwar, a lawmaker

India | Police detain 8 people for gang rape of 72-year-old nun

Indian police have detained eight people in connection with the alleged gang rape of a 72-year-old nun in the eastern state of West Bengal in the early hours of Saturday,

Vanuatu | Country struggles to account for cyclone damage, deaths 

  Officials struggled yesterday to determine the scale of the devastation wrought by a monstrous cyclone that tore through the tiny South Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu, with death counts varying in the

Myanmar | Gov’t denies bombing inside China amid Beijing’s protest 

A senior Myanmar official yesterday denied Chinese accusations that one of his country’s warplanes crossed China’s border and dropped a bomb that killed four farmers during fighting with Myanmar rebels. The official, from

Pakistan | Suicide bombers kill 14 people outside churches 

Pakistani Taliban suicide bombers exploded themselves near two churches in the eastern city of Lahore yesterday as worshippers were gathered inside, killing 14 people, officials said, in the latest attack

India | Robbers gang rape nun in her 70s at school 

A nun in her 70s was gang-raped by a group of bandits Saturday when she tried to prevent them from robbing a Christian missionary school in eastern India, police said, the

A look at examples of linguistic gap in 2 Koreas

Here are some examples: — South Koreans use the English loan word “juice” but North Koreans say “danmul,” or “sweet water.” — South Koreans watch a “musical” but North Koreans see a

Offbeat | Japan’s Suzuki sets race walk world record on home soil

Yusuke Suzuki of Japan broke the 20-kilometer race walk world record yesterday at the Asian Race Walking Championships. Suzuki won the IAAF Race Walking Challenge in his home town with

Nature | UN – Head urges better safeguards for climate disasters

The president of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu appealed to a U.N. disaster conference Saturday for help as a powerful cyclone swept across his archipelago, driving painfully home the

Review | ‘A Kim Jong-Il Production’ is a fascinating tale

Here’s an easy one: North Korea’s Kim Jong Il orders a famous South Korean film director and his actress wife kidnapped and brought into the country to remake a tepid

Australia | Gov’t investigating if teen among IS suicide bombers 

Australia’s government was trying to confirm reports that an Australian teenager was among a group of suicide bombers from the Islamic State movement that struck Iraq’s embattled Anbar province. The Islamic State

Australia offers to pay for 2 prisoners’ keep in Indonesia

Australia has offered to cover Indonesia’s costs for keeping two Australian heroin traffickers in prison for life if Jakarta grants permanent stays of execution, the foreign minister said yesterday. Australia is lobbying hard

Thailand | Parents of ex-princess jailed for insulting monarchy

The parents of the now-estranged wife of Thailand’s crown prince have been sentenced to two and a half years in prison on charges of defaming the monarchy, in the latest

South Korea | Nut rage flight attendant sues Korean Air, former exec 

A flight attendant who says she was living her dream by working for Korean Air is now suing the airline and its infamous nut rage executive, claiming the bizarre onboard

Pakistan | Troops raid prominent political party HQ in Karachi

Pakistan’s largest city was on edge yesterday after troops raided the headquarters of a well-known political party, arresting about 20 suspects and seizing weapons, a spokesman said. The early morning raid in

Myanmar | Police charge at student protesters with batons

Hundreds of riot police charged at students protesting Myanmar’s new education law yesterday, pummeling them with batons and then dragging them into trucks, bringing a quick, harsh end to a weeklong standoff. Police

South Korea | Knifed US ambassador released from hospital

U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert vowed yesterday not to change his “open and friendly” approach to diplomacy, as he left a South Korean hospital after five days of treatment following a

New Zealand | Authorities investigating threat to poison baby formula

  An anonymous blackmailer threatened to poison infant formula in New Zealand to protest the country’s use of poisonous baits for pest control, and sent dairy giant Fonterra packets of milk

Bangladesh | Gov’t orders N. Korean diplomat out for smuggling gold

Bangladesh’s government has ordered a North Korean diplomat to leave the country after discovering USD1.4 million of unauthorized gold in his bag when he arrived at Dhaka’s airport, a Foreign

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