China arrests US aid worker near N. Korean border

Shanghai-based lawyer Zhang Peihong said he was notified by prosecutors in China’s northeastern Yanbian prefecture of the arrest of Peter Hahn, a 74-year-old Christian who ran a vocational school for

North Korea proposes joint probe over Sony hacking

North Korea proposed a joint investigation with the U.S. into the hacking attack against Sony Pictures Entertainment, warning of “serious” consequences if Washington rejects a probe that it believes would

Japan | ‘Interview’ ordeal at Sony just its latest crisis

  How do you say “damage control” in Japanese? Sony Corp. is sealed within a hermetic cone of silence as executives try to prevent the slow motion train wreck at Sony

US | probe links NKorea to Sony hacking

  Federal investigators have now connected the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. to North Korea, a U.S. official said yesterday (Macau time), though it remained unclear how the federal government

S. Korean group cancels plans for border tree

A South Korean church group said yesterday it canceled plans to erect a giant Christmas tree near the border with North Korea after locals complained that it could provoke Pyongyang. The

North Korea | Kim Jong Un looks to complete nuclear legacy left by father

  Kim Jong Un has spent the three years since his father’s death tightening his grip on power, leaving the Supreme Leader better positioned to achieve Kim Jong Il’s dream of

Pakistan | Country mourns 142 slain in Taliban school attack 

  Pakistanis mourned as mass funerals got underway yesterday for 142 people, most of them children, killed the day before in a massacre by the Taliban at a military-run school in

Australia | Sydney siege spurs demand to know why gunman was on bail

  Australian authorities are probing why the gunman responsible for a deadly Sydney hostage-taking was free on bail and not on a watchlist, despite his history of violence and extremist sympathies. Man

Korean Air slammed for nut rage cover-up

The ministry said yesterday it will also evaluate if the airline’s corporate culture poses safety risks after its chairman’s daughter Cho Hyun-ah overruled the captain of a flight to force

Pakistan | Taliban school terror assault leaves over 140 dead, mostly kids

Taliban gunmen stormed a military-run school in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar yesterday, killing at least 141 people, mostly children, before Pakistani officials declared a military operation to clear

Australia | Nation mourns for siege victims

Tearful Australians laid mounds of flowers at the site where two of 17 hostages were killed yesterday when police swooped into a cafe to rescue them from a gunman — an

Japan | Abe faces battle on reforms despite win

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed yesterday to prevail over resistance to his plans for economic and political change following a weekend election victory that gives him up to four more

South Korea | Sales of macadamias soar after nut rage 

Nut rage imploded the career of a Korean Air Lines executive and embarrassed her family and country. Now South Korean retailers are experiencing the unexpected upside: a boom in sales

AUSTRALIA | Police end Sydney hostage siege after 16 hours

A swarm of heavily armed police stormed a cafe in the heart of downtown Sydney in the early hours of this morning, ending a siege where a gunman had been

Breaking news: Timeline of Australia hostage drama at Sydney cafe

An armed gunman entered a Sydney cafe during today morning's rush hour and took an unknown number of hostages. Hours after the crisis began, five people escaped but a number

South Korea | Crewmember in Korean Air nut rage says he was insulted 

A Korean Air flight attendant described being insulted and shamed by the airline’s executive who ordered him removed and the plane returned over macadamia nuts, and then being asked to

Indonesia | 20 dead, 88 missing in central mudslide

Heavy rains in central Indonesia loosened soil and collapsed a hill, setting off a landslide that killed at least 20 villagers and left 88 others missing under piles of mud, officials said

Japan | Ruling coalition wins big in elections

Japan’s ruling coalition won a resounding victory in lower house elections yesterday, firming up Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s hold on power as he prepares to push forward on several politically difficult

North Korea | US man illegally in country says not detained

North Korea yesterday presented to the media an American who says he illegally crossed into the country but has not been put into custody and is seeking asylum in Venezuela. Arturo

Dam projects risk re-igniting Myanmar’s civil war

Myanmar’s government calls them signposts of modernity: a string of huge dam projects along the mighty Salween River, one of Asia’s last untamed waterways, needed to meet economic goals and

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