JAPAN | Modi visit draws pledges of support from Tokyo

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi courted Japan’s government and business leaders yesterday, winning pledges of help for his effort to revitalize the lagging Indian economy. Modi is visiting Japan with a

PHILIPPINES| Peacekeepers pull ‘greatest escape’ in Golan 

Under cover of darkness, 40 Filipino peacekeepers made a daring escape after being surrounded and under fire for seven hours by Syrian rebels in the Golan Heights, Philippine officials said yesterday, leaving

PAKISTAN | 3 killed as protesters clash with police 

The overnight violence has raised the stakes in the two-week sit-in led by opposition politician Imran Khan and fiery cleric Tahir-ul-Qadri, which earlier saw demonstrators march past roadblocks to set

Energy | Japanese public seen as biggest obstacle to nuke restart

Japan is facing the toughest test yet in its effort to restore nuclear energy more than three years after the Fukushima disaster: scrutiny from a skeptical population. The Nuclear Regulation

SOUTH KOREA | A flavor out of favor: Dog meat fades

For more than 30 years, chef and restaurant owner Oh Keum-il built her expertise in cooking one traditional South Korean delicacy: dog meat. In her twenties, Oh traveled around South Korea

HERITAGE PROTECTION | Asia’s old communities vanishing amid rapid growth 

Century-old shop houses, twisting alleyways and temples scented with incense still pulsate with the pursuit of old trades and time-honored rituals of families who have lived in Bangkok’s Chinatown for

JAPAN | Abe sends prayer note to war criminal ceremony

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sent a note earlier this year to a ceremony at a Buddhist temple honoring hundreds of World War II-era war criminals praising their contributions to

AFGHANISTAN | Presidential candidate pulls out of election audit

One of two men vying to become the president of Afghanistan, Abdullah Abdullah, pulled his observers yesterday from an audit of the country’s disputed election over concerns of widespread fraud in

VIETNAM| US criticizes convictions of dissidents 

The United States has expressed alarm over prison terms handed down against three Vietnamese democracy activists for obstructing traffic. Human rights groups have described the charges used to convict Bui Thi

PAKISTAN | Karachi thirsts for water supply 

On the outskirts of the slums of Pakistan’s biggest city, protesters burning tires and throwing stones have what sounds like a simple demand: They want water at least once a week. But that’s

INDIA | ‘Untouchables’ still forced to clean human excrement

Hundreds of thousands of impoverished, low-caste Indians are still working with their bare hands to clean human excrement from open roads and millions of dry pit latrines across the country,

AUSTRALIA | Tycoon lawmaker apologizes to China for racist tirade 

Australian mining magnate turned lawmaker Clive Palmer has apologized to China over an extraordinary tirade on national television in which he called the Chinese “bastards” and “mongrels” and accused Beijing of

INDIA | Jewish center reopens 6 years after Mumbai attacks 

Rabbis from across Asia yesterday celebrated the reopening of a Jewish center targeted by rampaging Pakistani gunmen who stormed through Mumbai on a 60-hour killing spree in 2008. The attacks on

THAILAND | Edible insects a boon to poor farmers

Depending solely on the rains to either yield a good rice crop or leave their fields dry and barren, farmers in this village in northeastern Thailand, the country’s poorest region,

THAILAND | Junta leader assumes prime minister post

Thailand’s junta leader, who seized power in a military coup three months ago, officially assumed his new post as prime minister yesterday following an endorsement from the country’s monarch. During a ceremony

VIETNAM | Gov’t sends envoy to China to smooth tensions

Vietnam is sending a senior Communist party official to China this week to try to rebuild relations badly bit by Beijing’s decision to deploy an oil rig in waters claimed by Hanoi

INDIA | Stampede at Hindu holy procession kills 10

  A pre-dawn stampede killed 10 people yesterday as tens of thousands of Hindus were worshipping in an annual procession in central India, police said. Some 50,000 devotees had been marking the holy

THAILAND | Interpol seeks clues to ‘baby factory’ case

Interpol said it has launched a multinational investigation into what Thailand has dubbed the “Baby Factory” case: a 24-year-old Japanese businessman who has 16 surrogate babies and an alleged desire

JAPAN | Hiroshima mudslide death toll rises to 50

  The death toll from mudslides in Hiroshima rose to 50 yesterday as rescue workers resumed searching for survivors. Thirty-eight people remained unaccounted for as of 8 a.m., according to Hiroshima police.

HEALTH | Noodles: Friend or foe? S. Koreans defend diet 

Kim Min-koo has an easy reply to new American research that hits South Korea where it hurts — in the noodles. Drunk and hungry just after dawn, he rips the

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