Hong Kong | Protests flare for 21st weekend amid global unrest

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists demonstrated for the 21st straight weekend as unrest inspired by the movement spread around the globe, from South America to Europe to the Middle East. Police fired

China authorizes Macau’s port zone in Hengqin

China’s top legislature on Saturday voted to adopt a decision on authorizing the jurisdiction of Macao’s port zone at Hengqin port and extended areas in Guangdong Province to the Macau

Analysis | Pence speech takes hard stance on Hong Kong

Analysts are highlighting the strong support Mike Pence offered for protesters in Hong Kong during a long-anticipated speech delivered in Washington late last week. That may mean the Senate will

HK protesters criticize ‘gangster cops’ conduct

Hong Kong police fired tear gas yesterday to disperse a rally called over concerns about police conduct in months-long pro-democracy demonstrations, with protesters cursing the officers and calling them “gangster

Hong Kong police already have AI tech that can recognize faces

Hong Kong law enforcement authorities have access to artificial intelligence software that can match faces from any video footage to police databases, but it’s unclear if

Hong Kong | Bargain hunters revel as businesses see life or death

For Kirio Zhou, a native of mainland Chinese city Chongqing, Hong Kong has become a cheap weekend getaway. Since ongoing protests now in their 21st

HK protesters rally in support of Catalan movement

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters were rallying last night in support of separatists in Spain’s Catalonia region, as a Chinese official accused them of colluding with

US Congress | Senators push for quick vote despite China threat

Senators from both parties are keeping up pressure for a swift vote on legislation to show support for pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong by requiring annual reviews

Reports suggest China is considering replacing Carrie Lam

The Chinese government is considering a plan to replace Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam as chief executive, pro-establishment lawmaker Michael Tien said, in a potential strategy shift

Here are the possible candidates to succeed as HK leader

Speculation again is swirling about possible successors to Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam after the Financial Times reported that she could be out by March. While

Suspect whose case led to Hong Kong’s unrest leaves prison

A murder suspect whose case indirectly led to Hong Kong’s ongoing protests was freed from prison yesterday and told reporters he was willing to surrender to authorities

Extradition | Hong Kong, Taiwan struggle to separate politics from justice

The murder suspect whose case sits at the center of months of violent protests in Hong Kong is set to walk free today, as the city government

Guangzhou’s economy grew 6.9% in first three quarters

The gross domestic product of Guangzhou, capital of south China’s Guangdong Province, grew by 6.9% in the first nine months this year to reach more than

Briefs | Handouts planned for flights and hotels

The Hong Kong government is planning to announce subsidies for airfares and hotels to help revive tourism in a city that’s been roiled by protests the past few

Fears are growing among mainland Chinese living in Hong Kong

As Hong Kong’s historic protests become increasingly violent, mainland Chinese living in the city are becoming increasingly fearful. Min, who moved to Hong Kong from the mainland in 1995 and now

Carrie Lam apologizes for water cannon use at mosque

Hong Kong officials apologized to Muslim leaders yesterday after riot police sprayed a mosque and bystanders with a water cannon while trying to contain turbulent pro-democracy demonstrations in the semi-autonomous

Hong Kong defies police ban in latest chapter of unrest

Hong Kong protesters flooded the city’s streets yesterday in defiance of a ban by the authorities on their march, setting up roadblocks and tossing firebombs amid

Trade union federation meets with Edmund Ho

A delegation representing the Macao Federation of Trade Unions has met with Macau’s former Chief Executive, Edmund Ho. The topic of the meeting was the second occupational skill competition to be

Xi sends congratulations to Shenzhen’s China Marine Economy Expo

Chinese President Xi Jinping offered his congratulations in a letter to the 2019 China Marine Economy Expo that opened this week in the city of Shenzhen. Xi expressed his warm

How a HK heiress triggered a Starbucks backlash

Sweeping up broken glass and scrubbing graffiti have become regular chores for workers at the various businesses of Maxim’s, the 63-year-old restaurant and catering empire founded by a Hong Kong

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