Report: Authoritarianism on the rise as democracy weakens

Democracy is being degraded around the world because people are losing faith in the legitimacy of elections and see freedom of expression being stymied, among a range of

Polio is back in Indonesia, sparking vaccination campaign

Children in school uniforms and toddlers with their parents lined up this week for polio vaccinations in the Sigli town square on the northern tip of the Indonesian

Japan births at new low as population shrinks and ages

The number of babies born in Japan this year is below last year’s record low in what the the top government spokesman described as a “critical situation.”

Monkeys in central Thailand city mark their day with feast

A meal fit for monkeys was served yesterday at the annual Monkey Feast Festival in central Thailand. Amid the morning traffic, rows of monkey statues holding

Germany rejects Boris’ claim on Ukraine war stance

The German government yesterday rejected former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s claim that Berlin initially wanted Ukraine to quickly “fold” following Russia’s invasion in February. CNN

King Charles III welcomes S. African leader for state visit

King Charles III welcomed South African President Cyril Ramaphosa to London yesterday for the first state visit of his reign, which will include a formal banquet as

Australia ratifies free trade deals with India and Britain

Australia’s Parliament passed bilateral free trade agreements with India and Britain yesterday, leaving those partner nations to bring the deals into force. The deals are crucial for

Two volcanoes rumble into action in Russia’s far east

Towering clouds of ash and glowing lava are spewing from two volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and scientists say major eruptions could be on the way. The

A ‘barbed wire curtain’ rises in Europe amid war in Ukraine

The long border between Finland and Russia runs through thick forests and is marked only by wooden posts with low fences meant to stop stray cattle. Soon, a

Glazer to decide on Ronaldo’s Man United future: source

Manchester United co-owner Joel Glazer will make the final decision about Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at the club after the forward’s incendiary TV interview, a person with knowledge of

China, US climate envoys to ‘meet later’ at UN summit

U.S. climate envoy John Kerry indicated yesterday he’ll be in talks with his Chinese counterpart at annual United Nations climate talks underway in Egypt, in the latest sign of

Iranian who inspired ‘The Terminal’ dies at Paris airport

An Iranian man who lived for 18 years in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and whose saga loosely inspired the Steven Spielberg film “The Terminal” died Saturday in

Bet on it: Sports gambling effort in California is not over

The effort to legalize sports betting in California ran headlong into a typical challenge for competing ballot measures as each was battered in a torrent of negative advertising

VoteCast: Inflation top concern, but democracy a worry too

Just as Republicans had hoped, high inflation was the top consideration for voters in the midterm elections, AP VoteCast shows. But the survey reveals that a core issue

Powerball announces delay to record-breaking $1.9B drawing

The Powerball drawing was delayed Monday and it’s likely that the official results won’t be known until today , the Multi-State Lottery Association said. The record-breaking $1.9 billion

Apple says iPhone supplies hurt by anti-virus curbs in China

Apple Inc. is warning customers they’ll have to wait longer to get its latest iPhone models after anti-virus restrictions were imposed on a contractor’s factory in central China.

Twitter users can soon get blue check for USD7.99 monthly fee

Twitter has announced a subscription service for $7.99 a month that includes a blue check now given only to verified accounts as new owner Elon Musk works to

Powerball prize up to $1.5 billion, third-largest ever in US

The bad news is that no one won yesterday’s huge $1.2 billion Powerball jackpot. The good news is that means the prize has grown even larger to

Trump Organization faces criminal tax fraud trial over perks

For years, as Donald Trump was soaring from reality TV star to the White House, his real estate empire was bankrolling big perks for some of his top executives, including

Lebanon president leaves with no replacement, crisis deepens

President Michel Aoun left Lebanon’s presidential palace yesterday, marking the end of his six-year term without a replacement, leaving the small nation in a political vacuum that is

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