The Buzz | Coffee, Ikea furniture, livestock among the Macau-bound objects stuck at the Suez Canal

Livestock and lumber. Oil and automobiles. Exercise equipment and instant coffee. Those were just some of the products that were blocked by the ship just dislodged from the Suez Canal, in a

China, US consulted on safety as their crafts headed to Mars

As their respective spacecrafts headed to Mars, China and the U.S. held consultations earlier this year in a somewhat unusual series of exchanges between the rivals. China’s National Space Agency confirmed

This day in history | 1986 Greater London Council abolished

Thousands of people have taken part in festivities to mark the historic final hours of 97 years of local rule in London. A throng of 250,000 people have gathered on the

World leaders call for pandemic treaty, but short on details

More than 20 heads of government and global agencies called in a commentary published yesterday for an international treaty for pandemic preparedness that they say will protect future generations in

The Buzz | BioNTech increases vaccine production estimates

German pharmaceutical company BioNTech says that after ramping up its manufacturing and supply systems, it expects to manufacture this year up to 2.5 billion doses of the coronavirus vaccine it

German state suspends AstraZeneca vaccine use for under-60s

The German state of Berlin has again suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine for those aged under 60 due to new reports of unusual blood clots in people who

This day in history | 1981 President Reagan is shot

President Ronald Reagan has been shot and wounded after a lone gunman opened fire in Washington. He is currently undergoing emergency surgery at George Washington University Hospital but there are unconfirmed

The Buzz | Hungary first in European Union for vaccinations, and deaths

Hungary has vaccinated more of its population than any other country in the European Union, according to figures from an EU agency, but it continues to be one of the

Thousands flee into Thailand following Myanmar air strikes

A series of airstrikes by Myanmar’s military along the country’s border raised concerns yesterday that more villagers might flee to neighboring Thailand in large numbers, adding a new dimension to

Myanmar | Protests continue a day after more than 100 killed

Protesters in Myanmar returned to the streets yesterday to press their demands for a return to democracy, just a day after security forces killed more than 100 people in the

Egypt | Two tugboats speed to Suez Canal as shippers avoid it

Two additional tugboats sped yesterday to Egypt's Suez Canal to aid efforts to free a skyscraper-sized container ship wedged for days across the crucial waterway, even as major shippers increasingly

This day in history | 1971 Manson sent to gas chamber

Charles Manson and three members of his hippy cult have been sentenced to death in Los Angeles. They were found guilty of the August 1969 murders of

The Buzz | 32,647: Macau records highest daily number of visitor arrivals since Covid outbreak

The Macau SAR recorded 32,647 visitor arrivals on Friday, the highest daily number since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic last year, the Government Tourism Office announced over the weekend. During

Albania starts mass Covid vaccinations before tourist season

Albania started a mass inoculation campaign yesterday ahead of the summer tourism season after acquiring 192,000 doses of Chinese coronavirus vaccine Sinovac earlier this week.

One report, four theories | Scientists mull clues on coronavirus’ origin

A team of international and Chinese scientists is poised to report on its joint search for the origins of the coronavirus that sparked a pandemic after it was first detected

This day in history | 1973 Stock Exchange admits women

Ten newly elected lady members entered the Stock Exchange today on the first working day since their election took place. The decision to break a time-honoured tradition and introduce equality was

Egypt | Stuck ship in Suez Canal imperils shipping worldwide

A skyscraper-sized cargo ship wedged across Egypt’s Suez Canal further imperiled global shipping yesterday as at least 150 other vessels needing to pass through the crucial waterway idled waiting for

The Buzz | Philippine leader orders mayors investigated

The Philippine president has ordered at least nine city and town mayors investigated for possible charges after they reportedly jumped ahead of a priority list led by 1.7 million health

UK court rejects Depp bid to appeal ‘wife beater’ ruling

A British court yesterday refused Johnny Depp permission to appeal a judge’s ruling that he assaulted ex-wife Amber Heard, saying his attempt to overturn the decision had “no real prospect

This Day in History | 1975 Saudi’s King Faisal assassinated

King Faisal of Saudi Arabia has died after a gun attack in Riyadh despite the efforts of doctors to save him. The king was rushed to hospital still alive and doctors

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