As US poised to restrict abortion, other nations ease access

As women in the United States find themselves on the verge of possibly losing the constitutional right to abortion, courts in many other parts of the world

Aid workers prep stretchers, toys for Mariupol evacuees

Aid workers prepared hot food, wheelchairs and toys yesterday for civilians slowly making their way to relative safety from the pulverized remnants of a steel

1982 Argentines destroy HMS Sheffield

The British ship HMS Sheffield has been hit by an Argentine missile fired from a fighter bomber. It is not clear how many of the 268 crew have perished.

Evacuations under way in Mariupol; Pelosi visits Ukraine

A long-awaited evacuation of civilians from a besieged steel plant in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol was under way Sunday, as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

1990 Latvia to declare independence

Members of the new parliament of the Soviet republic of Latvia have met to discuss independence from Moscow. Leaders of the Latvian Popular Front are confident they

Ukraine admits ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ fighter pilot is a myth

On social media, the “Ghost of Kyiv” was a military hero, an ace fighter pilot hailed for supposedly shooting down multiple Russian planes. The tales began just days

Russian offensive in east gathering momentum as Guterres surveys destruction

Russia's offensive in eastern Ukraine gathered momentum yesterday as the United Nations’ chief surveyed the destruction in towns outside Kyiv that experienced some of the worst

1978 Afghan coup rebels claim victory

The new rulers of Afghanistan have announced that almost the whole of the leadership of the ousted regime is dead.  Two days ago, they declared President

Americans increasingly see China as a threat

Americans are increasingly seeing China as a world superpower and a threat, though growing numbers perceive it more as a competitor than an enemy, according

Surging sales at McDonald’s offsets trouble in China, Russia

Higher U.S. menu prices and easing COVID-19 restrictions elsewhere helped McDonald’s offset troubled markets like China and Russia in the first quarter. Revenue rose 11% to $5.66

UN takes step to put veto users under global spotlight

The U.N. General Assembly took a first step yesterday to put the five permanent members of the Security Council under the spotlight whenever they

1986 Soviets admit nuclear accident

The Soviet Union has acknowledged there has been an accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The report, from the official news agency, Tass, said there had

France’s victorious Macron boosts weapons, stakes in Ukraine

When Vladimir Putin congratulated Emmanuel Macron on his re-election as France’s president and wished him “success in your activities,” the Russian leader probably was being more

1945 Russians and Americans link at Elbe

Russian and American troops have joined hands at the River Elbe in Germany, bringing the end of the war a step closer. Statements have been released simultaneously in London,

Police release videos in probe of Baldwin film-set shooting

Law enforcement officials released a trove of video evidence Monday in the ongoing investigation of a fatal October shooting of a cinematographer by actor and producer

UN chief calls for cease-fire on Moscow visit

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres has called for a cease-fire in Ukraine at his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Guterres is visiting Moscow and is then

How is Trans-Dniester related to war in Ukraine?

Among the sites of the former Soviet Union’s “frozen conflicts,” a long and narrow strip of land in Moldova has been the most stable for three decades. Trans-Dniester

France To Europe’s relief, Macron wins but far-right becomes mainstream

French President Emmanuel Macron comfortably won a second term Sunday, triggering relief among allies that the nuclear-armed power won’t abruptly shift course in the midst of

1984: Reagan arrives in China

He arrived with his wife, Nancy Reagan, just after 1400 local time (0600 GMT), and was driven to Tiananmen Square, in the centre of the Chinese capital, Beijing, for

Ukraine leader pushes for more arms; US officials to visit

Ukraine's leader petitioned for more powerful Western weapons as he prepared to meet with top U.S. officials in the war-torn country’s capital yesterday and Russian forces

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