Charles: Royal family ‘deeply grateful’ for world’s support

Britain’s Prince Charles offered a heartfelt tribute to his “dear Papa” on Saturday as Buckingham Palace offered the broad outlines of a royal funeral that will be attended by the

This day in history | 2003 Saddam statue topples with regime

There have been scenes of jubilation in Baghdad as US tanks rolled into the very heart of the Iraqi capital, confirming that the government of Saddam Hussein has been ousted

UK | Covid cases drop 60% due to vaccines, lockdown

Britain’s COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest results from an ongoing study of the pandemic in

Northern Ireland | Leaders call for calm after night of rioting

Rioters set a hijacked bus on fire and hurled gasoline bombs at police in Belfast in the fourth night of violence in a week in Northern Ireland, where Brexit has

The Buzz | Philippines one of the latest countries to restrict use of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Philippine health officials are temporarily suspending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for people below age 60. The Department of Health and the Food and Drug Administration said experts are reviewing

Analysis | Are some Covid-19 vaccines more effective than others?

Are some COVID-19 vaccines more effective than others? It’s hard to tell since they weren’t directly compared in studies. But experts say the vaccines are alike on what matters most: preventing

The Latest: UK cases drop 60% due to vaccines, lockdown

LONDON — Britain's COVID-19 vaccination program is beginning to break the link between infection and serious illness or death, according to the latest results from an ongoing study of the

This day in history | 1986 Eastwood voted mayor by landslide

Residents of the Californian town of Carmel have overwhelmingly voted for actor Clint Eastwood as their mayor. The turnout was double the norm in the picturesque seaside town, 80 miles (128

Viral thoughts | Why Covid-19 conspiracy theories persist

Daniel Roberts hadn’t had a vaccination since he was 6. No boosters, no tetanus shots. His parents taught him inoculations were dangerous, and when the coronavirus arrived, they called it

The Buzz | China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics

China’s government warned Washington yesterday not to boycott next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing after the Biden administration said it was talking with allies about a joint approach to complaints

Vandals damage famous Norwegian baby statue in Oslo park

A Norwegian museum said yesterday that a famous statue of a baby boy stomping his feet in anger has been removed from a park in the capital, Oslo, for

This day in history | 1999: US claims ‘banana war’ victory

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has ruled in favour of the United States in its long-running trade dispute with Europe over bananas. The WTO says the European Union (EU) has broken

UK | London to ease lockdown next week, will test vaccine passports

Britain’s slow but steady march out of a three-month lockdown remains on track even as coronavirus cases surge elsewhere in Europe, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday , as he

The Buzz | Official: EU agency to confirm AstraZeneca blood clot link

Marco Cavaleri, head of health threats and vaccine strategy at the Amsterdam-based agency, said yesterday there’s a clear association between the AstraZeneca vaccine and the dozens of rare blood clots

New Zealand to open travel bubble with Australia on April 19

New Zealand announced yesterday it will open a long-anticipated travel bubble with Australia on April 19 now that both countries have been successful in stamping out the spread of the

This day in history | 1986 Bomb tears hole in airliner over Greece

Four people, including an eight-month old baby, have been sucked out of a TWA passenger jet after an explosion ripped a hole in its side. The Boeing 727 was flying at

LGBTQ | The Dutch went first in 2001; who has same-sex marriage now?

Twenty years ago, just after the stroke of midnight on April 1, the mayor of Amsterdam married four couples in City Hall as the Netherlands became the first country in

The Buzz | Pfizer say vaccine effective up to six months later

Pfizer says its vaccine continues to be effective against COVID-19 up to six months later. Pfizer and its German partner, BioNTech, announced updated results yesterday from their ongoing late-stage study of

This day in history | 1957 BBC fools the nation

The hoax Panorama programme, narrated by distinguished broadcaster Richard Dimbleby, featured a family from Ticino in Switzerland carrying out their annual spaghetti harvest. It showed women carefully plucking strands of spaghetti

WHO team urges patience after first look for origin of virus

An international team behind a long-awaited study of the possible origins of COVID-19 with Chinese colleagues yesterday called it a “first start,” while the United States and allies expressed

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