CCAC ‘independently investigating’ Mi Jian

The head of the Commission Against Corruption (CCAC), André Cheong, said yesterday that the CCAC is conducting an independent and serious investigation into the case involving the director of the Policy Research and Regional Development Bureau (DSEPDR), Mi Jian.

These statements were made on the sidelines of Kou Hoi In’s inauguration as the new president of the Legislative Assembly.

Cheong said to the media that the CCAC is handling the case in accordance with the established working procedures.

“The statement issued by the DSEPDR will not have any impact on the CCAC investigation,” said Cheong, adding that the CCAC “is independent and neutral as well as free from external interference.”
Questioned on whether the DSEPDR was cooperating with the investigation, the commissioner said, “DSEPDR is part of the public sector and all public institutions must cooperate with any investigation,” noting that compliance is mandated by law and not optional.

Regarding how long it would take for a conclusion to be reached, Cheong said, the “CCAC needs to be cautious when handling investigation cases. It might be a long process, but I can reassure that the case will have a conclusion and will not be forgotten.” RM

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