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Celebration of Hokkien Cuisine

Island Shangri-La Hong Kong announces the much- anticipated opening of Ming Pavilion, a new culinary gem that pays homage to the rich heritage of Hokkien cuisine of China. Inspired by the abundant landscapes of Fujian province and its vibrant cultural legacy, Head Chef Jack Lam Yeung brings to life the authentic essence of Hokkien culinary traditions through his heartfelt creations.Complementing Chef Lam’s dishes are the exquisite tea pairings curated by Tea Master Tiffany Chan, elevating the dining experience to new heights of sensory delight. Together, they craft an immersive dining experience that introduces a new perspective of Hokkien cuisine, honouring the heritage while embracing the future of this beloved culinary tradition.

“Our journey in conceptualising each recipe led us through the evolution of Hokkien cuisine, not only in Southeast Asia, but also in Fujian and Hong Kong,” says Mr. David Yip, Ming Pavilion’s Culinary Consultant.

Step into the majestic setting of Ming Pavilion and be transported to simpler times, where the intertwining aromas of tea and heartfelt conversations fill the air.

At Ming Pavilion, each plate presented is not just a culinary masterpiece, but an opportunity to delve into the rich narrative behind every dish. Every meal becomes a catalyst for strengthening connections with friends and loved ones, fostering warmth and camaraderie. As the dining experience unfolds, guests are left with not only the lingering memory of exquisite flavours but also the rekindled bonds of community.

Originating from the coastal province of Fujian in south-eastern China, Hokkien cuisine reflects a diverse heritage shaped by its proximity to the sea, fertile farmlands, and a history of cultural exchange. The cuisine is characterised by its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, delicate flavours and intricate cooking techniques that have been passed down for generations. At Ming Pavilion, these time- honoured traditions are celebrated and brought to life, inviting guests to savour the authentic flavours of Hokkien cuisine.

Signature dishes offered at Ming Pavilion include Deep-fried Five-spice Pork Roll, a dish of crunchy water chestnuts wrapped in delicate bean curd skin, originating from the Minnan region of Fujian province; Deep-fried Prawn Roll, featuring premium shrimp paste, fresh prawns, fatty pork, and water chestnut, creating a delightful chewy texture; Xiamen-style “Popiah”, a traditional local dish from Xiamen, Fujian, with a rich texture and crispy sensation, filled with fresh cabbage, carrots, fatty pork, and shrimp, and enriched with Alaskan crab, pork lard, and peanut candy; Fujian-style “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall”, an iconic dish that harmoniously blends precious ingredients such as abalone, dried scallops, fish maw and sea cucumber, stewed with old chicken, pork ribs and duck in a Shaoxing wine jar; and Steamed Mud Crab with Glutinous Rice, which highlights carefully selected Philippine red caviar crab paired with rich crab roe, served alongside glutinous rice steamed with dried seafood and pork belly.

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