Chamber: Northern District firms see revenue upturns amid consumption promos

Consumer consumption in the Northern District has seen an upturn in revenue following the launch of the government’s consumption program for the district amid challenges faced by business firms in the area.

Speaking at the TDM radio phone show, Fong Kin Fu, director of the Federal General Commercial Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprise, highlighted the growing popularity of going to the district and the changing spending habits of tourists.

The government’s consumption carnival has been beneficial for Northern District merchants, with approximately 1,000 participants by the third week. The rewards are primarily used for catering consumption.

The association then hopes for the introduction of more promotion routes and strategies, building on the success of the government’s campaign.

Last month, the Economic and Technological Development Bureau (DSEDT) has announced that it is launching a “Consumption Carnival” from March 18 in Macau’s Northern District, aiming to boost consumption in that part of the city.

The carnival will run for 20 weeks until August 4.

Recently, chambers have noted that rising rent costs combined with diminishing customer numbers are putting intense pressure on businesses outside tourist areas.

During the most recent holiday, the Easter holiday, businesses in Macau’s residential neighborhoods sat quietly over the recent Easter holiday, illustrating that more Macau local residents are choosing to spend their money across the border in mainland China, while visitors remain exclusively in the city’s tourist areas.

While the Macau government has launched initiatives to boost tourism in residential areas, installing attractions in the Northern District and collaborating with casinos to revitalize places like Barra, these measures have yet to significantly impact the tourism situation and merchants are saying it is not enough.

Meanwhile, citizens from Macau have been venturing to cities within the Greater Bay Area for consumption, particularly during extended holidays and weekends.

A listener of the radio show reported that while they support local consumption, the prices are high and the quality may not be as good as in the mainland.

They cite how the prices of many small and medium-sized enterprises in Macau are more than double the price of the same products than in the mainland, but the quality of the products is not as good as others.

“I would like to support local consumption, especially in Taipa, but the prices have increased and the portion is so small that it makes me a little disgusted,” said one radio phone-in caller. Staff Reporter

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