Chan Hong wants control over ‘unhealthy publications’

Lawmaker Chan Hong has written an interpellation to the government urging the authorities to exercise control over “unhealthy publications”. Chan first praised the government’s efforts in promoting reading in Macau, which has seen “rather good results.” However, Chan said that there still remains a “loophole and grey area” in terms of unhealthy publications that are related to pornography, violence, cults, and other things. “Regarding extremely unhealthy content, as well as content that causes discomfort after reading, Macau does not have a law to regulate them,” Chan pointed out. “Currently, these publications are still being sold in Macau. How is the government going to handle the situation? How are the relevant departments keeping the youth afar from unhealthy publications and information, and leading them to read healthy publications?” Chan asked.

DSAT considers taxi fare increase proposal

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) is considering taxi drivers’ application for a taxi fare increase, bureau director Lam Hin San revealed yesterday. Lam confirmed the reception of the application, saying that, once there is a suitable proposal, the DSAT will discuss it with the transport advisory committee and proceed to announce the updates to the public. However, currently, the DSAT does not have a timetable regarding the completion of the review. In addition, the DSAT expects to launch, in October, a public tender for the installation of voice and image recording devices inside taxis. It is expected that, by the end of 2020, approximately 1,900 taxis will have this equipment installed, according to Lam.

Six boats found violating marine regulations

During a recent joint operation between Zhuhai and Macau marine and customs authorities, six boats have been found operating in Macau waters without complying with the relevant policies. Specifically, these boats did not have names, vessel numbers, operation certificates, nor a registered home port. The departments issued an alert to the persons responsible for the six vessels, and then explained to them the regulations on Macau waters, navigation safety and fishing control, eventually leading the vessels out of Macau waters. Local customs and marine authorities say that they will work with relevant departments from Zhuhai to continue to conduct joint inspections from time to time in order to combat vessel irregularities. According to previous news reports, local fishermen have accused mainland-certified vessels of illegal fishing in Macau waters.

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