Chan stands behind IACM over critical report

The Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan, over the weekend defended the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) from a critical report issued by the Commission of Audit.
The report, which found that several leisure spaces under the supervision of IACM had fallen into disrepair and now posed a danger to the public, criticized the bureau’s mismanagement of the issue.
However, Sonia Chan has come out in IACM’s defense, arguing that the bureau has solved “80 percent” of the problems that were pointed out in the report.
“IACM has fixed 80 percent of the weaknesses in the report [and] the rest of the problems need construction works to be repaired,” she said, as cited by public broadcaster TDM. “They have already made a plan [to improve the situation] and will solve the problems as early as possible.”
The secretary added that there is still more work to be done in improving IACM’s management of these spaces. Therefore she has requested the bureau to submit an improvement proposal as soon as possible, which would include measures to enhance the supervision of the IACM’s contractors.
She also called on the public to understand that the remaining 20 percent of the problems cannot necessarily be solved with a simple solution.
“For example, the stone floor around Nam Van Lake is quite fragile but it’s not as simple as changing one piece of stone,” Chan explained, according to TDM. DB

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