Chief Executive election | Association leaders say they support Ho Iat Seng

A group of leaders from local associations have publicly endorsed Ho Iat Seng to become Macau’s third Chief Executive (CE).

Following Ho’s announcement on Tuesday, Paula Ling, who was Ho’s colleague in the National People’s Congress (NPC), said that Ho is the “right man” for the position, having described him as a “very smart” and “very sensible” person who is able to “control situations.” Ling believes that Ho will be good at conducting intermediary dialogues with Beijing.

Besides Ling, others from a wide variety of sectors have expressed their support for Ho.

According to a report by Macao Daily News, President of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions Leong Wai Fong commended Ho for his long-term experience as a member of the Standing Committee of the NPC, and as President of the Legislative Assembly (AL).

Ng Siu Lai, president of the Board of Directors of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau, also believes Ho is a “suitable” candidate for the position due to his experience in NPC and AL. Ng believes that Ho is well-versed in social issues, and can take advantage of the ‘one country, two systems’ principle to promote Macau’s social development, since he clearly knows about the laws and regulations in both Macau and the mainland.

Lao Ngai Leong, president of the Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Macau, said that he knows Ho well. Lau said that Ho meets the requirements for CE, is very familiar with the national conditions, deeply understands social sentiments, and is a trustworthy candidate.

Robert Chan, chairman of the Macau United Citizens Association, said that Ho meets four requirements: “love the country and love Macau,” “trusted by the central government,” “has governance ability” and “is endorsed by the Macau community.”

The president of Macau Youth Federation, president of the Macao New Chinese Youth Association, president of the Women’s Association and president of General Association of Chinese Students of Macao have also expressed their support for Ho.

Hong Kong lawmaker Raymond Wong Yuk-man has predicted that the next Chief Executive of Macau will serve two terms for a total of 10 years, as did his or her two predecessors. Wong’s comment was made prior to Ho’s announcement of his formal participation in the fifth CE election.

When comparing Macau’s Chief Executives with Hong Kong’s, Wong mockingly observed “all of Macau’s Chief Executives served for 10 years. [Edmund] Ho Hau Wah was Chief Executive for 10 years, Chui Sai On has been Chief Executive for 10 years, and the next one will also be Chief Executive for 10 years. It is really a smooth transition.”

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