Chinese analyst says Bay plan difficult to achieve

Chinese economic analyst Su Yue, from the Economist Intelligence Unit, believes it will be very difficult for Chinese government officials to achieve the goals of the Outline of the Greater Bay Area (GBA) because the outline did not resolve the regulatory differences between Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China under the framework of the ‘One country, Two systems’ policy, according to a report by the BBC.

On the other hand, the People’s Daily official overseas WeChat account revealed that Chinese political scientist Zheng Yongnian thinks that the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area can follow the high standards and good practices of the European Union (EU), and that the area can also avoid a lack of coordination.

When citing Zheng Yongnian, chairman of the academic committee of the Institute of Public Policy of the South China University of Technology, the report said that the EU is currently facing problems because there is no coordinating organization beyond the sovereign governments.

The Chinese political scientist also said that the GBA cities are all part of China, and since it has the central government coordinating among them, it has the advantages of the EU model while avoiding its flaws. JZ

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