Chinese company involved in Portuguese sports corruption case

The Atletico Clube de Portugal – a Portuguese football club whose sports corporation (SAD) is owned by a Chinese company – is under investigation with regards to manipulation, corruption and match-fixing charges.
Portuguese broadcaster Radio Renascenca reported that the Chinese company that owns 70 percent of the Atletico sports corporation is also allegedly involved.
Tensions between Atletico and its sports corporation have led the club’s president to voice his concerns. Almeida Antunes will be presenting the matter to the Portuguese Attorney General’s Office (PGR), as well as the Football Federation and the Portuguese Football League.
“We cannot accept this. We are appalled, outraged and ashamed to see Atletico’s name involved in such a situation (…),” he said, adding that Atletico is willing to collaborate with authorities in an effort restore its reputation.
Although he has no proof that the sports corporation is responsible for such irregularities, Almeida Antunes has blamed the investors that control the professional football scene for the gloomy situation in which Atletico now finds itself.
“Each contract and each player that joins or leaves the club is the sports corporation’s responsibility. If these gentlemen are involved [in match-fixing activities] – of course they need to leave Atletico in peace,” he stressed.
Radio Renascenca also reported that throughout the pre-season, Atletico had over forty players, during which time some remained part of the team for less than 24 hours. A number of matches were also open to online betting during this year’s football pre-season.
Sports corporations (SAD – Sociedade Anonima Desportiva) were established in Portugal during the 1990s to improve financial management and to encourage transparency within sporting clubs. CP

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