Chui calls on civil servants to lend support to next gov’t

Chief Executive Chui Sai On has called on Macau’s civil servants to provide the incoming administration with their full support and to present new ideas and contributions for the development of Macau.
In addition, despite facing challenges and difficulties, public servants should generally strive to uphold the principle of caring about Macau and its people, said the Chief Executive.
Chui’s remarks came during a seminar held late last week, which was attended by public officials from all levels of the city’s government.
The Chief Executive expressed gratitude for the contributions and work provided by all the public servants over the past 20 years which “helped Macau’s development, and [helped] to overcome all challenges.”
Chui was referring to incidents that occurred during the past mandates in particular, including public health and safety matters, the aftermath of the global financial crisis and emergencies linked to typhoons over the last few years.
In the words of the Chief Executive, “public servants had been able to stand united to tackle such challenges head on, and truly demonstrated their love and care for Macau, keeping a great tradition within the local community of mutual support.”
Chui believes that over the past 10 years, “all officials have learned through their work that the government system should be more open to listening to the voices and opinions of the public,” adding that, aside from ensuring the public administration follows the law, “the government system should work harder to uphold the principles of serving the public, and of enhancing Macau people’s wellbeing and satisfaction.”
The Chief Executive also took the opportunity to highlight a few of the principles that he believes good governance depends on. Good governance in Macau must always abide by the implementation of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle, he said, and “Macau [must be] governed by its people,” retaining a high degree of autonomy.
In addition, Chui spoke about the importance of reflecting economic growth in people’s wellbeing, by improving it as much as possible to achieve a stable environment.
As one of the last lessons from his 10-year term, the Chief Executive spoke about the importance of keeping government accounts healthy and managing land reserves well as they are a precious resource.
His parting words were about the need for the “cultivation of talent” and coordination between the five secretariats to foster new generations of officials, creating a path to stability and prosperity in the long-term. RM

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