City of Dreams Soho grand opening this summer

João Pedro Lau

As a highlight of the City of Dreams (COD)’s fifth anniversary, the resort is renovating part of its venue, turning it into Soho in Macau. The space will officially open this summer and promises different types of entertainment and restaurants that serve cuisine from countries around the world.
COD stated that Soho “is more than just a name.” “In New York, London and Hong Kong, Soho means style, fashion, fun and excitement. Every major city in the world needs its own Soho, which offers a kaleidoscope of great food, a social place to meet and drink, and top entertainment.”
The gaming operator, owned by James Packer and Lawrence Ho, has stated that Soho will “[elevate] Macau’s dining and entertainment to the next level,” with 16 restaurants and bars set to open there, and plans for daily live performances.
In order to give Macau’s Soho an extra flair of culture, COD has invited internationally prominent street artist D*Face to create a set of murals. The artist said that he is very happy with the cooperation with COD. Talking to the Times, he mentioned that the Soho districts in other parts of the world are associated with the notions of creativity and alternative thinking.
Apart from D*Face’s piece, COD has also invited other street artists to help decorate the project with their creations.
Soho areas exist in different cities around the world, including New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. In London, Soho is a part of the West End.
In the 1980s, London’s Soho experienced a drastic change, which made it an area for dining and entertainment that is considered fashionable. Soho London is so popular that on certain weekends it has to ensure that some of its streets are for pedestrians only.
Other than the restaurants and bars in London’s Soho, people can also find companies in the television and film post-production industry.
The New York Soho, on the other hand, is more of an artistic area. New York Soho actually refers to “South of Houston Street.” It has been, in recent decades, known as the area for artists’ lofts and art galleries. Many boutiques are also attracted to set up shop there.
Meanwhile, the Hong Kong Soho is a mixture of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, art galleries and antique stores on Staunton Street and Elgin Street in Central. The area was named Soho because of a report published by the South China Morning Post in 1996, in which a restaurant owner came up with the acronym.

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